GamePro - Batman Arkham City Review

GamePro - A stellar superhero game that raises the bar for its peers, Rocksteady's Arkham City is indeed the game that Gotham City deserves, and a must-own for Bat-fans.

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TitanUp2924d ago

surprised they gave this 5/5 that don't happen very often from gamepro,i don't think it happens very often anyways

Nevers2924d ago

They got 10/10 from Game Informer and I can't remember that ever happening since I've been reading it.

This game shall be amazing. The first one was amazing. I'm looking forward to playing it... but I'll wait til it comes down in price on Amazon or something cuz right now my wallet is hurting and I have Gears3, Ico/SotC, Dark Souls and a few other games I haven't yet finished.

I think this is probably the best few months for the games that appeal to me that I've ever known.

TitanUp2924d ago

didn't gameinformer give metal gear solid 4 10/10?


I'm not sure, but I thought Game Informer gave Starcraft 2 a 10, at least it says they did in the back reviews list page in the mag.

Nevers2921d ago


I didn't remember it ever happening. Sometimes I let the subscription fade away so I probably missed those reviews.