THQ's Bilson 'not sure there's room' for Space Marine sequel alongside MMO

Joystiq got a chance to chat with THQ's Executive Vice President of Core Games, Danny Bilson, at a Saints Row: The Third event earlier this week. He spoke to us about Space Marine's chances for a sequel, and what he plans for THQ this holiday and beyond.

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zeal0us2924d ago

Just wondering was space marine any good?

Old McGroin2924d ago

Only played the demo, seemed like an alright game and it got good reviews but Gears 3 was on the horizon so held out for that. It's kind of like a simpler Gears with plenty of mindless fodder throwing themselves at you.

RememberThe3572923d ago

Yeah, it was pretty good. like a cross between Gear of War and Dynasty Warriors, but not in a bad way. They strike a pretty good control balance between shooting and melee. The story was pretty good too. Worth a rent if your into Warhammer.