Wired Review: Flying Free as a Bat Through Arkham City

Wired - In the middle of dishing out several fistfuls of punishment to a street thug’s increasingly battered face, Batman is snuck up on by two more overeager criminals. Without breaking his stride, he steps behind the pair, effortlessly grabbing their craniums and smashing them together. He leaps a few feet over the war-torn blacktop to dropkick a final foe, and the camera slows down and zooms in to capture the perfect Kodak moment of impact. Instantly, he throws his grappling hook, latches onto a nearby building and is off without a sound, gliding fast over the rooftops of Arkham City.

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denero12926d ago

a bunch of 9's and 10's oh this game is going to be great :)

mafiahajeri2926d ago

BOOOOOO! Deserves a 10!!! kidding 9 is great! :p

uwazir2926d ago

That picture is just EVILLL