Don’t Fret Used Gamers, GameStop Gives Used Buyers Free Catwoman Codes

Mike Fahey writes: "The Batman: Arkham City new copy-only Catwoman content issue won't be affecting used sales at GameStop, as an internal memo reveals that customers purchasing the game preowned will score a Catwoman code as well.

Sent to us by an anonymous tipster and since verified with GameStop retail locations, used copies of Batman: Arkham City will feature a code to download the full Catwoman content pack printed on the customer's receipt. Normally this code would only be available in a new copy of the game, with second-hand owners forced to purchase the content as a $10 download."

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TheDareDevil3579d ago

So, if you buy the game used at Gamestop it's ok, but anywhere else, and you're deemed unworthy of accessing the full game?

Is it because Gamestop gives a %age of their pre-owned sales to WB or are are WB scared of pissing off Gamestop?

-EvoAnubis-3579d ago

Damned good question. It's odd, is it not? The entire reason publishers are doing this is to combat used game sales, but here we have the biggest used game reseller on the planet able to skirt around this. Makes the entire thing a giant waste of time.

The news that this was happening pissed me off to no end yesterday, and I'm not really that big of a fan of GameStop, but I'm actually happy to see them be able to counter what I consider to be a dick move.

I'm fine with online passes being required for online play, but when SP content that was advertised as being apart of the game is hidden behind an online pass as well, that's crossing the line.

raWfodog3579d ago

I'm sure this is part of a deal with WB. You know, give them a take on the used game sales to help keep business up. Otherwise, how would they be able to get their hands on the unlock codes?

Doesn't matter to me as I would be getting the game new anyway. I agree with the concept of online passes being used to 'pay' for space on the multiplayer servers but I think they're going overboard with withholding access to single-player campaign content.

But ultimately, it's up to us to vote with our dollars if we don't like it.

aCasualGamer3579d ago

Gamestop are basically ripping off their own customers with stupid deals. "get 25% when you turn in your games"

Yeah right, when we turn in a game that they otherwise sell for 69$ you get like 20$ gift card.

And they sell the game for 39$ later on.

Douchebags are what they are.

LOGICWINS3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Awesome news. I'll buy it used and save some money. And I have the option of returning it before 7 days for a full refund after I beat the game :)

StanLee3579d ago

Yeah, the 7 day return policy has saved me from owning some horrible titles. The Club, comes to mind. I understand publishers not sharing in the profits of preowned games and I'm going to assume Gamestop and Warner Bros are in bed together for Gamestop to have codes to pass along to all buyers of used copies. If so, it's smart on Warner Bros part to try to get a cut of preowned game sales without directly shafting someone just looking for a deal.

BeaArthur3579d ago

It's probably because Gamestop makes so much off used sales that they are willing to lose $10 because they are still making more than they would off a new copy.

nutcrackr3578d ago

I think so as well, this is why the publishers are starting low. They will keep bringing the price up.

zeal0us3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

If gamestop did this with every game that had an online pass, I know some of the developers would be piss, some of the consumers that don't want to fork over $10 for pass would be happy.

Number_133579d ago

Warner Bros must be getting a cut of the used sales revenue from GameStop

dark-hollow3579d ago

People, they already got their money when they shipped it.
What happens next is being their concern.

raWfodog3579d ago

They have to be. Otherwise, how would Gamestop get the unlock codes? Sounds like smart business to me.

Lucreto3579d ago

I wonder how the code be implemented on PS3. Will it be like the PSN code and download from the store or will it be like Ubisoft downloading it in game.

Dart893579d ago

Awesome and for those people who say why buy it used your only saving $5 dollar well guess what any kind of money you can save especially during this recession is good no matter how much it is cuz it will come in handy.

raWfodog3575d ago

If it's that bad then you probably shouldn't be spending money on video games at all...

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