WWE '12 has 13 DLC characters - announcements before launch

THQ_Tank adresses WWE '12 DLC

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3GenGames2924d ago

DLC is total garbage. Especially stuff like this. May as well sell the game for $30 with no content and buy the rest you want, that's what it is basically.

Relientk772924d ago

I think DLC is complete BS for any game

Laxman2162924d ago

So its BS that Fallout games are supported with massive slabs of DLC providing hours of new content, raising level caps and even allowing you to play after you beat the game, essentially giving the game a whole new level of playability and freedom? And Halo and CoD are given map maps that create whole new playlists and experinces? And its BS that Vietnam was released for Bad Company 2, giving a whole slew of big new maps, vehilces, music and weapons? But because you dont want to pay extra to play extra, its BS?

DeadlyFire2923d ago

Yeah. It would be nice if we got full game and all the content with the regular price, but someone invented DLC to buy. On the PC its free with game mods, but I am guessing that is why WWE games are never on PC.

Well anyway I would like to tell you all I already know HBK is 99.9% likely a DLC character for this game.

DaBadGuy2924d ago

They're so keen on including WCW Legends, why not include Shockmaster?

You know, for craps and giggles.

MintBerryCrunch2924d ago

so whats stopping people from making these DLC characters in the creation mode

what a stupid way of making DLC for a game like this

nevin12923d ago

The internet really changed gaming. Back in the good old days, you buy a game like wrestling and most likely the developers will try to put every character thats was under WWF contract during that time. It was no holding back.