Sony Announces Mouse and Keyboard Controller for PS3

Gr - "A mouse and keyboard controller for the PlayStation 3 will be making its way to store shelves on November 2, 2011. Licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment, HORI will be manufacturing the so-called Tactical Assault Commander 3 peripheral set, which sells for ¥9800, or US$127."

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deadpoole4433d ago

Are u kiddin me ... this is gonna be freakin awesome ... but price ... damn price is bit toooo high ... because everybody knows it already that "Rent is too damn high".

guitarded774433d ago

I'm hoping this and Move carry over to the next gen Playstation. It's a pretty high investment, but if it carries over, it would be well worth it.

xAlmostPro4433d ago

Pricey.. but dont forget you can also use any usb/bluetooth mouse or keyboard :) the downfall is not many games have the control setting for them..

seems to me though that if they're making this they'll start pushing the control scheme for more games, which is a smart move at capturing some of the PC audience

saladthieves4433d ago

$127 - that's too pricy, considering you can get hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of K/M combo for less than that.

frostypants4433d ago

Well, seeing as how the PS3 is already compatible with a normal keyboard and mouse (so long as the game supports it), which can both be had for under $40, this looks like a horrible rip-off.

evrfighter4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

I always said pc gamers would convert to consoles if it properly supported mouse and keyboard. that means ALL games

expect it to be this way next-gen though. I use xim on 360 and have the converter to use it on ps3. if this is just as responsive as a real pc mouse then a lot of mouse users are going to be extremely happy

decrypt4433d ago


isnt that how console gaming works. they sell the gamer an out dated box for 300usd. gamer thinks they got a deal, only to find out they need to through the nose for the games, accessories etc. its just how things are these companies need to rip people of to make profit and bare the cost of all those employees, adverts etc.

blumatt4433d ago

I bet more games are going to start supporting KB/M. This might be Sony's way of easing PC players onto the PS3. Start them off with a familiar control scheme and then BAM! they're hooked on the PS3's stellar exclusive games. lol

decrypt4433d ago


Why would a PC gamer like to:

Pay more per game,
for go mods,
settle for 25-30fps 720 low to med settings for most games.

Sure a PC player may get a PS3 for its exclusives, which to be honest only few are actually good this year i only see uncharted 3 as being a great exclusive(and thats only going to be an 8hour game) nothing else looks good. Now i know fans on this site are going to be list all the exclusives released this year however they arent for everyone. Most of Sony's exclusives are name sake and range from poor to average, its only fuel for the fanboy wars thats it.

blumatt4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

Wow. lol Didn't expect such an onslaught of disagrees for that one. I'm just saying that this offers PC players a way of playing that might be easier to get use to since it's closer to a real keyboard/mouse configuration. Then, later on they can pick up the DualShock and learn it too. Options are nice. I won't be buying it though cause the price is just a wee bit steep. I'd say price it at $60 just like the DualShock and that'd be the right price.

Peppino74433d ago

This is waaaaaaaaay overdue but that price is a little high.

DaTruth4433d ago

You can't use a K/M on practically any game on the PS3! This controller is probably made for use with every game!

BattleAxe4433d ago

Looks really good, although they need at least 1 or 2 more keys on the keyboard. I'm not sure whats up with the key in the "r" key location being round, but they should also have a key in the "alt" key location and the "ctrl" key location.

The_Con-Sept4432d ago

Some PC Elitists just can't accept the fact that consoles have started cutting into their gaming lineup./ffb.

I already own a RAT7 and a G13.... I'd rather just use the ones I already have. An update to accept keyboards and mouses should not be a huge update for most games.

meetajhu4432d ago

This is the time console Input lag will be put to shame coz of Vsync

Perjoss4432d ago

Mouse and keyboard is a great idea but wont this divide up the community, even if 50% of PS3 gamers buy this there will still be so many playing with a disadvantage. Unless of course servers can be limited by control method. Everybody knows that 2 gamers of roughly equal skill, 1 playing with M/K and the other on a gamepad, M/K wins every time.

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FlameBaitGod4433d ago

For the $ it better work better than eagle eye and when I mean better I mean perfect lol.

Drekken4433d ago

Hopefully it works with all games. I have FragFX and FranNStien and both need work. Some games its pretty close to perfect, but never perfect. Other games its a sloppy mess.

If you can plug this in and achieve fluid motion up, down, left, and right while looking it might be worth it.... but where the hell is the rest of the keyboard. How dumb is that.

As of right now the Eagleye is the best option from what I've read.

f7897904433d ago

Yeah the lack of an "r" key for reload is kind of bothersome. I'm so used to using that key that it would get me killed for some time before I would adjust.

arjman4433d ago

They just need to get right of acceleration on the mouse, I've heard it (mouse) acts like an analog stick

Pjuice4433d ago

yep controllers need acceleration, magnetism, snapping, and friction to aim better which would really make the mouse feel weird on console.

stevenhiggster4432d ago

Yeah sometimes you get that problem even on PC games where it is just a straight console port.
Deus Ex: HR had really bad mouse acceleration on PC.
You can usually turn it off though so if they are gonna start pushing this thing then they'll get games made with it in mind and probably an option to turn acceleration off.

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Spitfire_Riggz4433d ago

Well this looks better than the splitfish and the fragenstein i think they are called, about the same price too

kneon4433d ago

I prefer the analog movement control of the splitfish rather than lame binary movement keys.

stevenhiggster4432d ago

I actually agree with that, I've often wondered when someone is gonna make an analogue keyboard, I hate digital movement. Love mouse aiming too much to give it up though :-)

ATi_Elite4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

this is a great start for those who wanna use a KB/m but for $127 that's really way too much money!

Sony should just allow standard KB/m support so gamers can go out and get their own KB/M for way cheaper!

Next console Gen KB/m support will be standard.....I just hope the console makers do not force their gamers to buy over priced KB/M set-ups like this one shown!

Dark_king4433d ago

You can use any usb/bluetooth K/M already.Hell you could on the PS2 for linux.

Dojan1234433d ago

Sony may want to prove the support K/B.

xCaptainAmazing4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

For one, it's not even a proper keyboard. Other than that, if you want to use a keyboard, play on PC; it basically turns your console into a poor man's PC.

I really can't imagine a single person that should run out and buy this thing.

I'm sorry if I seem like I'm trolling, but truthfully the very existence of this thing upsets me. I'll get over it within the next 10 minutes, but I had to say it.