Why Uncharted 3 Won't Get Single-Player DLC

Uncharted 3 won't get any single player DLC - and Naughty Dog says it's because the studio would rather be working on its next game.

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Abash2926d ago

Hopefully their next game is Jak 4

FreydaWright2926d ago

Obviously you've never played any game from the Jak franchise, or you wouldn't be saying such a foolish thing.

TheDivine2926d ago

Ive played a few jak games and dont care for another. Those mascot platformers died about 6 years ago, gaming has moved on. Some people might be nostalgic but alot of ND fans dont care about jak. Bring more uncharted or start work on a new ip for the ps4.

lorianguy2926d ago

I was hoping they wouldn't make DLC because then not everyone would experience the extra, most likely paid, epicness.

Heartnet2926d ago

honestly i think they shud go the prince of persia route :)

WhiteLightning2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It's a shame because it would of been really cool to see DLC focused on other characters. The main game has always been about the hero, Drake but what if we take the role of Elena, Sully, Chole when Drake has gone off someone in the game and they spiilt up.

For example, the Airport level where Drake sneaks onto the plane, Elena comes to help him and he jumps from the car onto the plane..........what happens to Elena untill she meets Drake again, I doubt it's just she gets out of there no problem since there will still be guards everywhere giving her a chase. It would also be cool if differen't characters were differen't to Drake, gameplay wise....for example Elena could be a crap shot so it would wobble when you aim, it would make you rely on stealth when playing her or maybe Sully is an amazing with weapons but can't climb things to take the easy path, he would of to go in guns blazing making his levels more action packed.

Although it's better that ND would rather work on there new game, we might get Jak 4 on the PS3 afterall

consolez_FTW2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

so naughty dog can have more time to make new games...
WOW, if only more developers could start thinking like this. Just shows you how much Naughty Dog actually cares for the games they make, and they're not focused on being greedy and putting out expensive dlc every month.
Though if there was a cool UC3 dlc I'd buy it.

Number_132926d ago

Aren't they going to make multiplayer dlc though? If they are, throws that greed statement right out the window.

mendicant2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

How do you function in the real world? Seriously, how do you do it? A first party dev that is part of a multi-national corporation that is responsible to their stock holders and not some kid with a ps3 fetish.

"Naughty Dog actually cares for the games they make, and they're not focused on being greedy and putting out expensive dlc every month."

You really believe that? You really believe that ND somehow cares about you and your feelings? A company that makes videogames for entertainment.

The problem with gaming are the gamers.

StupidDude2926d ago

I hope they have some co-op DLC planned, this time.

That's the one thing I wish they did with UC2.

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