The Cursed Crusade Demo Impressions

GoozerNation: "Atlus recently dropped the demo of the Cursed Crusade on both XBL and PSN. With the full game set to hit store shelves on the 25th, does the demo instill confidence in the full release?"

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Ares84HU2927d ago

I got to say that I don't agree with this article. I was anticipating this game until I played the demo. I thought that the game was pretty bad and the animations looked horrible. I didn't enjoy it at all.

The demo made me not wanting the game so I will not be getting it. Maybe later when it drops down to $20.

It's my opinion only. Others might feel differently.

Baka-akaB2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

yeah the trailers made it seems like a somewhat ok games , but boy the demo shatters even that dream away

kube002927d ago

I'll have to try this out

shadowknight2032927d ago

Yeah this game was a big disappointment to me. Animations were horrid, voice over was awkward, and everything about it to cut scenes to combat itself seemed bad.

GezForce2926d ago

i made the mistake of actually purchasing this sorry excuse of a game. you'll literally fall asleep at the boring cutscenes (which make up about 80% of the game)and gameplay. It will curse your wallet no matter the price. avoid like the plague... heed my words friends.