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For me Forza 3 set the bar for all racing sims, but the guys at Turn 10 have managed to raise that bar even further in Forza Motorsport 4.

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Number_132930d ago

You are lying to yourself if you think there's ever been a better racing than this. FACT*
*Not an actual fact but gets the message across

S_C2930d ago

When I Got Forza 3 With A Bundle When I Bought The New Xbox Last Year, I Wasn't Fussed On Forza At All. But i Went Out And Bought Forza 4 With The Speed Wheel And Absolutly Loved It (Along With Buying Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge ....Another Amazing game). And For The Ammout Of Stick People Gave The Speed Wheel When it Was Announced... The Product Is Absolutly Fantastic Super Responsive

MintBerryCrunch2930d ago

all i got from your comment is that you capitalized every word

S_C2930d ago


And That Affects You In What Way, Is There Some Internet Law That You Can't. Sit Down Go Back And Play GT5 And Shut Up!!

MintBerryCrunch2930d ago

lol, you got offended by what i said

and you can go back and play rugby while you're at it, i'm pretty sure all the players and teams you created are in CAPS LOCK

S_C2929d ago

Offended - No
And Your Come Back (SMH) Terrible

kaveti66162929d ago

But just to imagine you pressing the shift button at the beginning of every word is so utterly depressing, man.

So, so sad.

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NukaCola2930d ago

Opinions are subjective. I personally though Forza was focused on speed effect too much. Feels more actiony that simulation. That is only my opinion. I enjoy Forza like I do GT, like I do with older greats like PGR(btw MS, Y U NO Project Gotham Racing on 360!?). I don't think it's the best but it's a 5/5.

kaveti66162929d ago

I've read a few comments from GT fans claiming that with GT5 they can't get a sense of speed.

Maybe in comparison to GT5, you may feel that Forza puts emphasis on speed.

Anyway, did you happen to see the Bugatti Veyron interior with the new Spec 2.0?

There's no detail at all.

2930d ago
Lirky2930d ago

I wonder if there will be a dynamic weather system for tracks, Or day to night dynamic. If its just 1 set daytime circuit racing, with no formula1,dirt rally,and go karts im sure itll all arrive in a dlc someday.

Marquis_de_Sade2930d ago

There there, its alright, let it all out.

Optical_Matrix2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I'm personally quite shocked that this is the 3rd Forza game this generation, and people claim it to be the definitive driving sim when there's no dynamic weather/day or night/snow & dirt racing/NASCAR (second largest motorsport in the world) or a track editor. Yet that redeemed through the fact you can paint cars?

Forza 3 was a sick game. But how can Forza 4 not have these features after GT5 came out and be called the definitive racer when it has half the content of that game? On what planet does that make sense. In all seriousness.

I'll pick up Forza 4 at christmas but at the moment I'm too busy with Forza 3 and GT5. I'm quite new to this driving sim malarkey. Got GT5 last year at launch and that was my first driving sim since I got GT2 as a kid lol.

Rattlehead202930d ago


Is NASCAR even big outside of the states.

Call me crazy but I swear WRC is bigger around the world than NASCAR

Hicken2930d ago

So far, Forza's a pretty solid title. It's definitely gorgeous, though.

I find myself struggling, though, with the controls for the 360, as I'm just not used to the layout.

That said, the feel of the cars IS a little muted for my liking.

Si-Fly2930d ago

What do you expect from using a controller! Treat yourself to a Fanatec, you won't look back...

m232930d ago

Try using an actual racing wheel, not the new Microsoft one, but like Si-fly says try the Fanatec. Using those wheels really brings out the feel of each car.

Hicken2929d ago

I expect to be able to effectively use a controller. But even though I'm just using a controller, I was expecting a bit more feedback through it that I've experienced.

I'm only checking the game out from work, using my roommate's 360. Not gonna spend money on a wheel for a game I don't even own.

Plus, from what I've heard, the lack of 1:1 steering is awkward. That, and I'm not used to using a wheel, in general.

m232930d ago

If there was one thing that impressed me most about the game, it is the sound. The engines sound perfect, turn up the surround sound and WOW.