Metro - Batman: Arkham City review – The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Not just the best superhero game, but one of the greatest action adventures ever made - set in an expansive and engrossing virtual world unlike any other.

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TitanUp2922d ago

this has gotten some good scores can't say that im surprised happy that i haven't read any reviews or seen much gameplay will make the game more exciting

chanmasta2922d ago

Is using punctuation more than twice illegal where you come from?

TitanUp2922d ago

wtf is your problem its the internet only time i worry about my grammar is during blogs just effing block me you prick so you don't have to see my comments

chanmasta2922d ago

LOL. Wow... What a loser.

TitanUp2922d ago

what a loser? your the one commenting on someones grammar when no one else has said anything about it

instead of replying to my comment you could have just said nice review,nice game,something along that line.

Rage_S902922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Well i guess red face got owned.