Gaming Nexus: Skylanders: Spyros Adventure Review

Quote from Review: "For years, we have seen card and toy games such as Bakugan and Pokémon that are rooted in physical play be brought over to the video game world, usually by incorporating their legacy game action as an accompaniment to the video game. With Skylanders: Spyros Adventure, it looks like developer Toys for Bob and publisher Activision have finally broken that cycle. For the first time that I am aware, the actual physical toy will directly interact with the video games on screen instead of just being a companion piece or a virtual character by entering a code."

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WhiteLightning2923d ago


How is this even a Spyro game it looks crap

"One other note is that if you buy into the Skylanders concept, you will need to spend some money and get at least one of each of the eight Elemental Classes"

Classic Activision....and the sad part is that even though there trying to ripp people off for more money, there target audience is young kids......milking money off small kids now. How low can you go, it's a video game everything should be in the disc, especialy characters.

aPerson2922d ago

Watch this gameplay walkthrough (skip forward to 3:30):

It doesn't look bad at all. The promotional videos/trailers put a sour taste in my mouth, but the game itself (aside from the toys) is actually very good.