New Skyward Sword Details and 23 New Screenshots

Nintendo has revealed another set of details about the fascinating areas, items and game play in the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword game, which will launch exclusively for the Wii system on Nov. 20.

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lorianguy2924d ago

It looks good but alas, I can only afford 1 adventure game and Uncharted takes the cake.
I'm sure it will be great though with the 1-1 motion.

admiralthrawn872924d ago

did you have to bring uncharted into this. a completely different game on a completely different platform. I love uncharted, but zelda > uncharted. sorry

lorianguy2924d ago

They're both fantastic adventure games. For me, they're both things I love and I believe that either of them could be Game of the Year. Unfortunately with the current financial deficit, I can't afford both and since Uncharted is coming out first, I'll buy that for now.

crxss2924d ago

both games are great but there's a bigger issue here, look at that UGLY shield! i think the first thing i'm gonna do in Skyward Sword is cut some grass and go to the new Bazaar's to buy the Hyrulian shield.

Apocwhen2924d ago

I am definitely getting both.
Uncharted will last me only about 2 or 3 days.

I expect to get about 2 weeks out of Zelda.

Matt06112924d ago

I see a lot of different shields in these screenshots. It would be undeniably awesome if Zelda started letting you customize your equipment more.

krazykombatant2924d ago

No need to dable into too much RPG. Instead, longer story more complex dungeons and all the epicness of zelda, totally looking forward to this.

zero_gamer2924d ago

I'll buy Zelda Skyward
I'll rent Uncharted 3

ssb31732924d ago

The more I read, the more I want

AWBrawler2924d ago

I'm getting hyped all over again