Some parts of Dark Souls might be 'too difficult', admit From Software

IncGamers: But that forces players to find their own strategy, says lead director.

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MeatAbstract2931d ago

"However, my intention when designing this game was to make people find out their own strategy by themselves. All the games I used to like had that kind of game design, I want to get close to those games."

Love it. That's a games designed folks. Makes games he would of played, sticks true to the design and lets the game find its own audiance rather then making an easy game and pushing it on everyone.

Bobbytheblobby2931d ago

yeah, agree. its nice to see someone who does what they think is right rather than try to please absolutely everyone

blodulv2931d ago

Yeah they aint kiddin'. That still doesn't stop it from being one of the best games I've played. Ever.

Tanir2931d ago

totally agree, demons souls and dark souls are some of my fav games of all time

admiralthrawn872931d ago

much better than the COD's of this gen and most shooters where its "do this, this is the only way to do it, and everybody will have the exact same hurry up and beat the campaign so you can play MP for the next year"

Bobbytheblobby2931d ago

i like to be able to talk to my friends about games we've played. dark souls is one of those ones where we have loads to talk about coz we've all seen and done differet stuff

Blaine2931d ago

Agree with both of you. There's nothing I hate more this gen than games that FORCE you to do thing one and only one way--especially when that's clearly an illogical way.

Dark Souls has practically limitless possibilities in terms of builds and equipment use, weapons and armor. I wish my friends played it too, because I'd be really interested to see the differences and similarities between our playthroughs.

Jovahkiin2931d ago

Cleared dark souls in a week, joined 8 covenants and struggled to play any multiplayer whatsoever. Good game but definitely not as good or long as i anticipated.

Jovahkiin2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

92... i put over 300 into demon souls.

I'll prob put more into dark souls when the wiki is updated with the areas I missed and all.

PS : Just spent 4 hours farming twinkling titanite with max item discovery rate... I got 2. My brass armor is upgrading so slow. How is this fun ? haha and getting cursed while fighting seath was pretty lame. I was only cursed 3 times in my whole playthrough but some people are really struggling with it. It just adds useless time backtracking and not fun.

I still think its one of the best games ive played but just not as good as i had hoped after the lead up.

AKS2931d ago

I wish I had a bit more time available to play this right now, but so far I've managed to get through most of Sen's Fortress, and for the most part I don't think anything I've seen has been too difficult, although some of these traps are ticking me off here and there (also, Stray Demon's surprise attack was a bit dirty). Overall, though, I've been able to figure out strategies to deal with all of the challenges so far. For example, the Demon Ruins seemed impossibly hard when I first found them at a relatively low level (too low for there), but since then I've figured out how to clear those enemies without too much difficulty.

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