Kotaku - How Different Will Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 Be?

The original Final Fantasy XIV was a total bust. FFXIV Version 2.0 promises to be better. Much better.

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darfreeze2924d ago

I sure wish they succeed with fixing the game.

Reibooi2923d ago

If everything they want to do happens in the time frame they have set for themselves I see a bright future for the game.

Basically 2.0 is a from the ground rebuild. All the zones are being redo(to address the copy and paste nature of the current maps), It will be on a new graphics engine. A new main story will come into focus. Entire new systems such as PvP will be added. The UI is being redo from the ground up to help accommodate KB and mouse users.

Various things they have planned will very much have the Final Fantasy feel such as the ability to take on more of the Primals(summons in FFXIV's word) and it seems players who form free companies will be able to summon said Primals after they defeat them. It also seems as if they are going to have a pet system and it almost sounds like everyone will be able to use pets. I mean I could keep talking for hours about what they are doing to it. The PDF's they released to the public with the road map and plans where massive I would highly suggest going to the lodestone and checking them out if you have even a slight interest in the game and what 2.0 is going to be.

LoLZoRz2923d ago

so when it's coming out this time? they have to fix the whole game.

rob60212923d ago

PS3 version is scheduled for early 2013, late 2012 for 2.0 to hit PC. Yea it sucks, but this is a major overhaul. All the zones are being redesigned - they're redoing the graphics engine even.

HappyGaming2923d ago

LOOOL seriously??

I didnt know the game needed that much work what where they thinking??

Hozi2923d ago

I have this game and havn't played it yet. My Laptop just can't run it...but this is great news they they are fixing everything that's wrong with it.

Jikla2923d ago

Still playing this game. After 1.19 this game is playable and Ifrit battle is cool. They are adding 4 new classes and is revamping the magic system in 1.20. Can't wait :D

Azurite2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

They're remaking the whole game?
That's what was needed but I didn't think they'd actually do it, props to the new team.

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