Microsoft Flight – Transporting Scared Passengers Through Bad Weather At Night

The Average Gamer writes: The Microsoft Flight team have revealed details of the missions contained in the new game as well as just letting the player fiddle with knobs and switches.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2928d ago

quick question: is it possible to fly fighter jets in this sim?

BrianC62342928d ago

I'm not sure about that but I know a guy who is a big flying nut and has made all kinds of planes in Flight Sim for years. Funny how this article calls it a game. I doubt many people who are into Flight Sim think it's a game. It's a real sim.

StraightPath2928d ago

This should come on Xbox 360 :D

Mnemonic-DK2928d ago

“designed for a wide range of players, not just a typical simulation enthusiast”

Sigh! That's all I need to know that this is NOT a simulator - or at least no more simulator than that other MS "simulator" Crimson Skies... :(

earbus2927d ago

You can download lots of jets and choppers from the fan site for flight sim x or century of flight , also lots of flying saucers ,jet fighters just awesome.