1UP Review - Batman: Arkham City Reaffirms Itself as The Best Superhero Game

Controlling Batman as he completely terrorizes his victims, whether via the invisible predator gameplay or the brutal combat, is an experience rivaled by few others. From its memorable Bourne Identity-esque opening to its shocking ending, Batman: Arkham City secures its place as my favorite superhero game since Freedom Force.

Pintheshadows4429d ago

I have not seen one negative review yet.

death2smoochie4429d ago

Exactly. Looks like a major winner...again for this franchise.

Pintheshadows4429d ago

Hope they do a Justice League game.

Anderson84429d ago

they should revive the spiderman series too

NYC_Gamer4429d ago

i think they can only make games based on DC since WB owns Rocksteady

Anderson84429d ago

fair enuff.. i wouldnt say no to a superman game from them

MasterD9194428d ago

I'd like to see a Batman Beyond game...that would be cool.


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CrashMania44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

The Arkham games are largely excellent, a shame they are being followed up by that god awful looking suicide squad game.

RaidenBlack44d ago

All 4 Arkham games are just amazing...
With the Gotham Knights turning out sub par, hope the Suicide Squad fails as well... So that both Rocksteady and WB Montreal goes back to creating good single player DC games ...
A batman beyond game maybe?

anal_vegan_moans43d ago

Having the game fail would make it harder for them to get funding for their next game, please don't wish this on them. They already delayed the game a whole year after backlash, so we still have to wait and see how it will turn out.

GhostScholar43d ago

I think asylum and origins were great. City was good. Knight was horrible.

44d ago
Ezio204844d ago

You can't expect a game to match 96-94 meta apple for apple. Different era and different gen. No need to diminish either game's achievement. Arkham City and Spiderman 2 are both amazing sequels that improved upon their already incredible first parts.

Tacoboto44d ago

To back that up, there are major websites that adjusted their review scales.

IGN used to have a 100 point system; now it's a 10 point system. I remember GameSpot back in 2004 was razed for giving Halo 2 a 9.4 when IGN gave it like a 9.7 or 9.8

darthv7244d ago

Arkham Asylum was great, but when City came out... wow what a total overhaul that was. Nothing has had that type of night/day difference in scope and scale since.

SM2 is looking to be a great game in itself. Definitely an upgrade over the previous entries. Just from the opening battle with sandman, it gives me god of war 2 vibes with how that one opened with the battle with colossus of rhodes. That is still one of my favorite sequels of all time.

Zeke6843d ago

Thanks for the spoiler how the game starts loser...

darthv7243d ago

Zeke... you've had plenty of time to play god of war 2.

GaboonViper44d ago

And right on cue, here comes the downplaying of Insomniacs masterpiece, not gonna work, this game is gonna be beast in success.

BehindTheRows44d ago

From the same folks who gave it a 10/10 no less.

Aloymetal44d ago

'' here comes the downplaying of Insomniacs masterpiece''
You know that train is never late.

isarai44d ago

Oh look, another trash article from Videogamer