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BiggCMan2928d ago

I don't think it's a MASSIVE improvement over Arkham Asylum, but it still looks very nice. It's all about the story and gameplay for this game anyways.

princejb1342928d ago

don't matter to me gameplay over graphics any day and the graphics still looks impressive

BiggCMan2928d ago

Yea that's what the second part of my comment said man...You miss it? XD I do wish that so much information was not revealed for this game though, I think the experience would have been a lot better come next week. We, or most of us already know all the villains, amongst other things that could have been great surprises.

qwertyz2928d ago

it will look amazing on pc much better than the console version and much better looking than anything on consoles so if you have a pc get the pc version. even a low spec pc will be capable of pushing its visuals beyond anything on consoles. PC FTW!!!!!

the gameplay will be amazing by the way but amazing graphics help enhance the experience.

MasterD9192928d ago

Graphics look amazing...especially when Batman is gliding all over the city...

Can't wait.