Giant Bomb: Arkham City Review

If you want to be reductive about it, Arkham City is more Batman, and if you want more Batman, there's no question: you should play this game. But there's more to it than that. In the two years since Arkham Asylum, there hasn't really been anything like it until now. Getting another chance to use Batman's considerable combat talents as you engage in one of the best fighting systems going today is a joy. The city looks terrific, like it's one step away from just bursting into flames as criminals crawl across every single surface.

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hades072926d ago

Amazing. Can't get over all the great reviews this game is getting. As a huge Batman fan, I cannot wait til Tuesday arrives.

Rampaged Death2926d ago

It's not surprising either. Not heard that much about the side missions though. I have it pre ordered and I can't wait though.