NVIDIA Unveil Insane Arkham City PC Collectors Edition

An image for an absolutely incredible Arkham City PC collectors edition was posted up on the NVIDIA GeForce Facebook page earlier today, with the description “This is the Ultimate Batman Arkham City PC Collectors Edition! Wondering how you can get your hands on this? Stay tuned for more details.”

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WhiteLightning2923d ago


How did PC get a CE like this

Take most of the PC items and use the money that would of went in to make that on something collectable or for use of the PS3/360

evrfighter2923d ago

wow even PC CE's put consoles to shame...funny

Letros2923d ago

Why would Nvidia promote the console version...

Pikajew2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I want it.


I went on the Nvidia site and since I have a GTX 560 ti I can get the game free. But I lost the code :(

C_Menz2923d ago

I recently added another 560ti partially due to this reason. I was going to get the game anyway and figured why not just get another 560ti for SLI since the game comes free with it?

$220 for a evga 560ti + Batman AC is a great offer.

Shadowaste2923d ago

wow....freaking nice setup!!

Personally though, gaming on a laptop sux.

I prefer my rig connected to my 55" Samsung and my klipsh 5.1, 3 bookshelf/2 tower system with those sexy dual subs.

That's how you pc game son!

Laxman2162923d ago

I plug my Xbox 360 into my TV.

That how you game son!

Pjuice2923d ago

you game how u want but for me you can't fully get into the game without being at your desk, ill hook up my pc to a controller and sit back when im being lazy, when the real gaming starts in tourneys and even pub fps games the mouse and keyboard at the desk can't be beat.

dragokid2923d ago

This is truly a collectors edition

jeeves862923d ago

Damn. That's a fine collector's edition. I'd dig it a lot more if Harley Quinn wasn't on the lid of the laptop, but's awesome.