Gametrailers: Batman Arkham City review

Riddle me this! Is Batman's second outing in Arkham a deadshot for success or is it simply a two-faced disappointment?

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shikamaroooo2921d ago

Gametrailers and 9.3 what gives

Lavalamp2921d ago

The reviewer gives... the game that score. Did I win the contest?

Dante1122921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

@ shika

Shane said that (in his words mind you), "if a game doesn't do any innovative or new, it gets a 9.3." That logic doesn't seem to apply to some other games though (CoD).

NukaCola2921d ago

This might pull for one of the highest rated multiplats this generation. Rocksteady is kings! And the (haters don't hate too hard on me) use the Unreal 3 engine almost better than even Epic themselves. Yes I think Arkham is rivaling Gears 3, which I would of never thought another dev could outdo Cliffy on their own engine.

Number_132921d ago

What exactly does "almost better" mean? Does it mean worse, the same or better?
Usually when someone says "I almost beat you" I say, "but you didn't, I beat you."
Same thing?

NukaCola2921d ago

Sorry if that confused you.

I meant better in some areas as Epic is better in others. Not overall better, but niether is Epic. Rocksteady is just as good as Epic in using UnRealEngine3. I really like what they have done. Great devs deserve all the glory. Plus Rocksteady has the Unreal engine working the same on both consoles, something others have not too often been able to do, so I give them kudos for using an engine that hasn't the best history with PS3 and making a game that rivals exlcusives on both. That is a great feat.

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Hagaf222921d ago

Too Many games not enough money... can one of these big fall games bomb so I can save 60 bucks?!?!

Number_132921d ago

Alright then. GOTY confirmed.
Ok not really confirmed so please don't skin me.

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