STN: Batman Arkham City review

STN Writes:

Batman Arkham City is without a doubt the best game based on a license ever to be released and while it may not quite stem the heights of being the greatest game ever made, it’s certainly up there. One thing’s for sure though, this game has set the bar high for all future game releases, the question now is, can anything else scale to the same height?

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Vegivo2929d ago

Can't wait to play it

xander1232929d ago

Looking forward to this one.

jordypordy2929d ago

Great review, why isn't it hotter?

BattleTorn2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

who does #/6 scores? at least with 3.5/5 I know X2+X10 gets a percentage.

3.5/5 x2 = 7/10 x10 = 70%

3.5/6...... = too much math

wotta2929d ago

Don't see what's confusing about it. 6/6 = perfect 3/6 = average, makes perfect sense.

SephirothX212929d ago

If not for Skyrim, this would be GOTY. Only kidding. Skyrim could suck but I have faith in Bethesda. Anyway, what matters is that this game rocks and has even surpassed the first one. Rocksteady are one hell of a studio.

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