Fan Reactions: Final Fantasy XIV Subscriptions Return

So Final Fantasy XIV is definitely coming to PS3 between October and December 2012 and the PC version is to have its subscriptions reinstated in Late October - big news for Final Fantasy fans.

Final Fantasy XIV is finally moving out of the limbo it has existed in for the past year and is now shifting to become something more permanent. RPG Site hit up three major population centers of gamers with different tastes - the hardcore XIV fans over at FFXIVCore, the Square Enix fans at Square Enix Members EU and the general core gamers over at NeoGAF - to see what reaction to Square's announcement was like.

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TacoTaru2927d ago

If I was making the decisions about FFXIV I would be clear that if you played and leveled a character during the free year of playtime but didn't want to start paying subscription charges when they are implemented, your character would be wiped if you unsubscribed.

Ddouble2927d ago

I thought it would be all negative but it seems the additions are making people more excited. Still it's a long way before the main addition, 2.0 is coming out and they might struggle to keep players but it might not be that bad if they follow the schedule they put up.

Also someone school me on MMO's, do F2P MMO's make even close to what paid MMO's get? I see everyone saying they should switch to a F2P model, i'm just wondering if it's the most logical thing to do.

Spenok2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

It depends on how the F2P model is set up. If it is the most popular ones (microtransactions) Then yes, pretty much every mmo that went F2P and added in Microtransactions saw HUGE increses in subs, and subsequently more money spent.

Think of it this way. If you can get everything at a set price of $15 a month with no extra fees as a developer. Sure thats a good thing depending on how many people you have actually paying. Everyone else is shut out of the game

However if you have a F2P model, ANYONE can come play the game, and therefore get sucked into it, and EASILY pay more then $15 on in game items via microtransactions. Which is the main reason i very much dislike microtransaction MMO's.

I have played one or two here and there, but there never anything i get attached to as i dont want to start spending tons of money on usless items i could and should be getting for free. I know developers like AreaNet and PerfectWorld entertainment make stupid amounts of money on the free to play model.

Now a game like WoW or FF going with this model more then likely wouldnt be a good idea IMO, as the amount of people who would prefer a flat monthly fee (like myself) tend to stick with these games, and would much prefer to keep it that way. Since most games tend to lock you out of things unless you otherwise pay for it via said microtransactions.

TheHardware2927d ago

ps3 2012??????? I thought it was a typo. I dont think I want to wait that long...thats almost a 2 year delay. fail

rebirthofcaos2927d ago

well the dead of this mmo is near.

pctrollv42927d ago

ffxiv is one of the best mmos ever made, yes, it has flaws but i enjoy its challenge way more than i did with the noobfest that SWTOR was (yes i played beta twice). With 2.0 announced, i cant help it but get a big huge boner