Square Enix Fully Details the Road to Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 Reboot and to the PS3 Launch

Square Enix surprised everyone today by suddenly releasing a slew of information on the Future of Final Fantasy XIV, fully detailing the roadmap to version 2.0 and the PS3 release

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ShinnokDrako2559d ago

I think i'm the only one that thinks "And...?" and "I'd prefer a new game.. maybe from another company".

Abriael2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Then you can just head straight there and get a new game, from another company.

Last time I checked, there's plenty.

Myst2559d ago

:< wish the PS3 version was finished before this so I could be able to play it.

Jack Bauer2559d ago

getting flashbacks to my beloved FFXI days, i cannot wait till this finally comes out on PS3 cuz the only decent mmo my PC can play is WoW.

Shojin12559d ago

Look to be incredible. Now.... just 16 (or more) months to go :-< !

Bleach2559d ago

Can't wait for the PS3 version. It's going to be great. Ive been playing WKC2 and i really looking forward to another online RPG

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