Gamers Xtreme: NYCC 2011: Max Payne 3 First Look

Gamers Xtreme: "Rockstar showcased the "special gameplay demo" of Max Payne 3 at NYCC and all we can say it's looking simply stunning."

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GamersXTREME2612d ago

Unfortunately, it was behind closed doors and Rockstar forbid us to take any footage during the gameplay demo. Believe us, we truly wanted to video this and show it to everyone!

Pintheshadows2612d ago

As a massive fan of the first two I cannot wait to play this. I'm wary that it isn't Remedy but i'm sure it will still be top notch.

GamersXTREME2612d ago

Even though Remedy is not behind it, you could never tell if you saw the game in action. Rockstar appears to be staying entirely faithful to Max Payne fans by making it look and feel like the originals, but with an entirely up-to-date engine. As I stated to "thespaz," we really wish we could've videoed the gameplay demo because it was truly stunning to see in motion.