Batman: Arkham City On Wii U 'Will Play To Console's Strengths'

NowGamer: Rocksteady still developing Arkham City for Wii U.

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Stuart57562657d ago

So it will star Mario then?

Stuart57562657d ago

Just thought I would point out that I'm not having a go at Rocksteady or Batman AC, I've got my pre-order in place and the 21st booked off work, I am however ripping the Wii U, it'll be rubbish and flop! Rocksteady and AC FTW.

ChickeyCantor2657d ago

I like your in-depth analysis on why it will flop.

Kurylo3d2657d ago

it will probably look better then ps3 and 360, but im betting the consoles going to fail anyway since the next xbox and playstation will decimate it... and they arent far from now.

bergoo2656d ago

how will it decimate? Dont expect the graphics to be a huge difference between ps4/nextbox and the WiiU. expect to be able to post to facebook quicker.

Kurylo3d2656d ago

the wii U is like a little bit more powerful then 360 and ps3.. id say its basically on the same level...

Shackdaddy8362656d ago

^^Where did you get that from? Devs say the wiiu is 1.5-2x more powerful and they are just talking about the under-clocked dev kit. It will be even more than that at retail.

And Micro and Sony will make their consoles competitively priced with the wiiu which means they may be better but not by a lot...

Ezio20482657d ago

if that is the case then why cant mario come onto a PS3??

ohh....i forgot...NINTENDO!!!!:-/

TreMillz2657d ago

honestly whos gonna wait till next year to buy this game for a new $300+ console just to have a tiny bit graphic upgrade?

meganick2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Probably not many people, but other games will certainly attract gamers to the Wii U. Although I'm betting the Wii U version of Arkham City will get all dlc on disc along with some exclusive stuff.

Droid Control2657d ago

Anyone that liked AA will buy this game for current consoles this year.

Why would anyone wait untill 2012/13 for a slightly updated version?

Everyone expects M$ too announce the 720 at E3 next year with a possible 2012/13 release date. Where does that leave the Wii U?

ChickeyCantor2657d ago

It's funny that you are repeating exactly what happened with the Wii.

Where does it leave the WiiU? I don't know but Wii Sure made Nintendo run to the bank.

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