Two 360 Degree LoTR: War In The North Screenshots

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment releases new 360 degree screenshots, giving unhindered views of the new regions of Middle-earth awaiting exploration in the November 25th game, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.

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stormskiier2559d ago

gonna be awesome cant wait

Blink_442558d ago

I've been waiting for a good lord of the rings game! I'm glad this was pushed back to the 25th cause I didnt know how I was going to buy this and uc3.

stormskiier2555d ago

nope its still november 1st its the 25 for europe

SilentNegotiator2558d ago

360-degree screenshot? Hmmm...that was interesting.

SystemLink_Simon2558d ago

Yeah I thought so too. Certainly the first time I've seen one. Pretty cool though :)