Battlefield 3 Multiplayer: Map By Map Guide (NowGamer)

NowGamer plays every multiplayer map in Battlefield 3, and rates them.

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Feckles2614d ago

It's all about Caspian Border for me.

skyward2614d ago

Base-jumping here we go...?

Hufandpuf2613d ago

"Caspian Border, Damavand Peak and Operation Firestorm are absolutely brilliant locations, and are easily three of the best Battlefield maps ever created."

"It’s just a shame that the other offerings feel small and restricted by comparison."

Looks like I'll be playing on Damavand Peak, and Kharg Island. I love some beach head combat and am dying to try out the base jumping! Also, Strike at Karkand and Gulf of Oman are on my list of maps to play.

C_Menz2613d ago

It looks like thee are a few great maps.. It is sad to see though that a few of them will be tiny cramped "CoD" maps which is sad.

Dice should have just designed every map to be large and battlefield like for Conquest/Rush. Then they could shrink the map down to a certain area(like the small city maps) for TDM or smaller games. It just seems foolish to have around 1/3 of your maps being unrelated to BF3 game play when they could have expanded those maps outward to make the true BF3 game modes an improved experience.

ShoryukenII2613d ago

At least we know they've still got it. DICE can still make good maps. It seems they just choose not to but I'm sure DLC will be fine. They're kind of pushovers.

Gamer-Z2613d ago

Well i for one will enjoy the change up from small to monster size maps. The only thing is those monster size maps are going to feel quite barren on consoles since they do not support more than 24 players =/

FragMnTagM2613d ago

I think you nailed it. The player size is what probably forced them to make some smaller maps to not have every map sort of barren on consoles. I am sure competing with COD had something to do with it too.

That said, I am getting it on XBOX and PC.

Elwenil2613d ago

All the maps will be smaller on consoles to equal the player count. That's been known for weeks.

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