Doom 3 never looked that good - Mods to make it look better than Rage

You all know that Doom 3 looks good with mods. Damn good. But you need the mods and no one tells you where to download them? Here are all the links and mods you need to enhance your Doom 3 experience. Links are below the gallery.

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Perjoss2562d ago

I cant remember the name but one of those Doom 3 mods has some of the best parallax mapping I've ever seen. Game looks truly amazing with a few mods.

decrypt2562d ago

Sad what modders can do with an old game, yet game developers are held back because they must design games with 6 yr old tech in mind.

Perjoss2562d ago

Held back technically yes, but games on ps3 and xbox360 are still getting scores of 9 and 10 regularly.

KingPin2562d ago

i really dont think games on consoles look bad by any means.

BF3, uncharted3, forza4, Gt5, gears 3 all look quite good.

and if people wanna nit-pick at graphics on consoles, then they shouldnt own one for more than 2 years.

Voxelman2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

@Perjoss the broken state of game reviewing is another matter entirely

Somebody2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Not only they are held back by that technology, they are virtually trapped. How many developers have you heard using DX 11 to promote their latest games? Crytek was a little doubtful whether to release the DX patch for Crysis 2. The moment they did release the patch, we have modders make better looking textures mods compared to the vanilla textures. Even Skyrim for the PC was deliberately designed not to push beyond the capability of the console versions even though they can. We'll see what modders have to say about that once it is released.

As if the developers want to use the latest DX 11 effects but too scared to touch it. Even Microsoft seems to be unaware of DX11.

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franko2562d ago

Like it's hard to look better than that texture pop-up s**t of Rage...

Perjoss2562d ago

I've played it on both 360 (installed) and on PC. 360 version has very little popup, you only really notice it if you're looking for it, and the PC version has none at least on my rig. I've heard ps3 version is the worst even if its installed, but if you have a SSD the popup is pretty much gone.

KillerPwned2562d ago

I hope its easy to get the game to look like this, I`am downloading the mods now cannot wait!

NarooN2561d ago

id tech 4 baby. If they can do this with that engine, imagine what future devs and modders will do with id tech 5.