31 Days of Halloween: Day 10 - Dead Island (Solo Campaign) -

For entry #10 of 31 days of Halloween, Sean Marks takes us on a vacation to Dead Island. Bring your bathing suit...and a hatchet. It's day 10: Dead Island (Solo Campaign)

Excerpt from the article: Oh, sweet Jesus’ tits, I’m late on this. I have no excuse for this one, other than normal life getting in the way. I’ll make it up to you with several other reviews posted later today. I will be reporting to your room at 10PM for my lashings. Wear that thing I like. Oh stop, you know the thing. It’s got the little dangly part that unzips in the back, with the green feathers and mechanical codpiece. Yes, you know the one. Good boy/girl.

Where were we? Ah, GAMES!! I’m violating my pledge to try to cover games that haven’t been talked about out the wazoo this evening, because, well….this one’s simply been far too enjoyable to keep bottled up. It also knocks out one of the days for me. Huzzah! Who do we voodoo, my dear readers? It’s DAY 10: DEAD ISLAND!

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