Dana White Comments On Brock Lesnar In WWE '12

MMAdigest interviewed UFC President Dana White his thoughts about Brock Lesnar being in WWE '12.

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MintBerryCrunch2563d ago

reporter trying to make something out of nothing

who the hell would confuse the WWE with the UFC, if you follow one or the other then you know where Lesnar fights and where he came from

jetlian2563d ago

dana blocked lesner from fighting undertaker. Even though they aren't in the same market. He also trys to own the name of the fighters for ufc games

evrfighter2563d ago

Undertaker is my favorite wrestler of all time but brock would destroy him in ufc

dougr2563d ago

Of course he would. Undertaker is a entertainer, while Lesner is a fighter.

256bit2563d ago

white is all about the $$$ why do you think he let kimbo fight in UFC till he lost like what 2 or 3 matches i think it was. cuz kimbo and lesner draw big crowds.

MrBeatdown2563d ago

I'm glad he's got that attitude about it. It means Brock can appear in future games as well, assuming WWE doesn't have a problem with it.

m232563d ago

Dana White has a good attitude, the reporter is just trying to create an issue. There is nothing wrong with him letting Brock Lesnar do these sort of deals, it just means more money for everybody, and the fans get what they want.