Can the Nintendo 3DS Ever Hope To Beat its Predecessor in Sales?

While the DS continues to soar to new sales heights, the 3DS still suffers from a small lineup of games and stiff competition against casual gamers on iOS and the Vita in 2012.

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cbclerk2656d ago

That's a tall order given how successful the DS was. Interesting article though.

disturbing_flame2656d ago

Monster Junter in Japan.

Mario 3D & Mario Kart worlwide.

This holyday season the 3DS gonna sell huge.

HavenDan2656d ago

Doubt it. It's too gimmicky.

yabhero2649d ago

Less gimmicky than DS? Atleast this time its got the graphics to back it up though.

ssb31732656d ago

There's a chance but the DS was extremely successful. With the right software, this could surpass it.

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