UFC Undisputed 3 To Have Over 150 Unique Fighters

THQ has announced that the upcoming UFC Undisputed 3 will have more than 150 unique fighters.

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JellyJelly2657d ago

And look exactly like the last game? They need to update their physics engine. I wish it was a little more fluid and didn't have so many scripted animations.

Pintheshadows2656d ago

I'm with you tasty dessert. It was fine for the first 2 but it needs more polish. It doesn't compare visually to say Fight Night Champion and it's getting a bit stale in general.

StarWolf2656d ago

its gonna have 130 ugly blocky pixel characters and 20 nicely done characters?

DirtyLary2656d ago

I pray they get the online muliplayer right and playtested for glitch exploits.

DirtyLary2656d ago

And please code in the Diaz bird as unlock option for touching gloves. lol