Cheaters Can't Hide in Call of Duty Anymore Thanks to ELITE

Velocity Gamer: Hackers and cheaters were a big problem earlier this year with the jailbreaking of the PS3. So much so I discontinued playing the game until the issues were fixed. Hopefully this will allow Modern Warfare 3 to have a very smooth online experience without any interruption.

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zeal0us2657d ago

If someone really want to hack the game they will trust me, I don't care how much work the developers put into the game's defenses to fight against hackers.

evrfighter2657d ago

lol remember when iwnet was supposed to stop hacking for good.

I remember at mw2 launch I was playing my torrented version of mw2 with the legit players and were they pissed.

Laxman2162657d ago

Good work buddy, you stole a game and ripped off hundreds of hard working people who go out of their way working overtime to deliver an experince you like enough to want to play. But its okay, dont spend some money to support them. Its only thier jobs and lives, that doesnt matter to you.

KonGreat2656d ago

Dude, seriously? its COD, they've earned millions on the game! i don't think even a few thousands of downloaded games would make a difference. They still earn a shitload of cash.
And either way, they still get their monthly salary.

KaBaW2656d ago

Piracy is piracy no matter the game, or how you look at it, my man.
You may hate Aactivision and CoD, but people are trying to make a living.

frostypants2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

So if walked up behind you on the sidewalk, smacked you in the back of the head, and stole $5 from you, you wouldn't mind? After all, you have plenty more money where that came from.

Same thing you're saying.

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Kahvipannu2656d ago

"If someone really want to hack the game they will trust me, I don't care how much work the developers put into the game's defenses to fight against hackers. "

I'm afraid your right, nothing is 100% bulletproof. Just look at PS3, "it's unhackable" everybody was telling, and how that turned out...

DaThreats2657d ago

your charging players to report people?

kennyboy2657d ago

whered you here anything about charging, call of duty elite is free, its not like premium cod elite is standard and thats the only way you get elite

NuclearDuke2657d ago

This is the problem with BF3 players. They read 1-2 lines and jump to a conclusion.

Every CoD player gets Call of Duty Elite for free. Amongst this free feature, there is Report-A-Player option.

Now, if you wish more than the standard statstracking, report and other features you can read all about on various fansites, you can pay a yearly amount to access in-depth stats with pie charts etc, all the tryhard stuff and all the DLC.

RememberThe3572656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Thats the problem with COD player they're hypocrites.

See what I did there? It's not a problem with BF3 players: 1. Becuase the game isn't out yet, it doesn't have any players. 2. It's a massive and idiotic generalization. You my friend would look to benefit from a logic class.

Anyway, this will at least help. You can't stop pirating but you can fight it and at the very least they're trying. They're being active about the issue while many devs are passive about it or ignore it all together.

KaBaW2656d ago

Lmao, oh my do you sound like a sales rep right there. That was pretty good..
And, lol, you jump to conclusions as well, so what's that make you? o.O

sashimi2657d ago

Call of Duty and smooth online experience.... does not compute. error error error /crash.

chickens2657d ago

just like bf3 and its screen tearing and 10000 glitches.

Iroquois_Pliskin2656d ago

My friend. Please tell me, what are you talking about?

narutogameking2656d ago

It's smooth for me and the 500k people who play Black Ops daily on PS3.

2656d ago
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