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Alongside today's release of 11-minutes of Syndicate gameplay, AusGamers has posted a hands-on preview of a session they had with the game at the recent EA Showcase in Las Vegas.

From the preview:

"“Looks super-rad” was a note I made during the recent EA Vegas Showcase after seeing a new trailer for Syndicate from Starbreeze. Having not necessarily played the original game[s], but being a massive fan of Starbreeze as a developer allowed me to go into the game with excited, yet fresh eyes. But it wasn’t until I actually got hands-on with the product that I realised all of the moaning from fans of the original at this purported “reboot” was somewhat misplaced. This is, by no means, a cash-in. How can it be? The Syndicate name is a cult one, at best. It was never a critical monetary success, despite being regarded as ground-breaking, and I’d hardly call a Triple-A developer working on a niche franchise name for some three years, in secret, any sort of attempt at “selling” said franchise “out”.

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Hufandpuf2659d ago

For people hating and disliking Syndicate: Syndicate came first. And Fallout got the same FPS treatment as this game and no one objected to that. This is shaping up to be a great game and not a Deus Ex copy that many people are claiming it to be. Yes it has augmentations and the environment looks the same, but Syndicate was first so why change what it looks like to please fans of a DIFFERENT game.

vortis2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

That's because...

1: Fallout's FPS/TPS treatment stayed entirely true to the original game's universe. Open-worlds, RPG leveling, crafting, exploration, itneractivity. Before talking about the FPS treatment Fallout received please get informed about WHY people didn't object as much to the change. Basically they just changed the perspective and removed the turn-based elements, but the concept primarily stayed the same.

2: The new Syndicate is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING like the original in terms of play-style or originality. It's basically a mix of Brink + Deus Ex. It may be a great shooter game on the standards of most other generic shooter games for 14 year old fantards, but not everyone is a 14 year old retard.

I've got no gripes with the game being a FPS but the fact that it's now just another corridor shooter with slight hacking/pre-scripted mind-control is not appealing in anyway whatsoever. Basically it's a dumbed down version of System Shock/BioShock meets the snazzy visual style of a triple-A game. Sorry but your comment fails and a better looking version of a game I've already played back in 1997, with fewer gameplay options is not cool.

Not everyone is a sheep and I'm standing my ground.

billythepunk2658d ago

How can you make all those assumptions about an entire game when only 11 minutes of said game have been shown. You talk about evidence backing up claims, yet you yourself are just as guilty of jumping the assumption gun.

The game has been in development for three years with a trusted development studio who make first-person GAMES, not just first-person SHOOTERS. There's a marked difference between the two.

I honestly don't understand all the hatred gearing towards this title when so little is known about it. As a fan of the Syndicate universe you should be stoked it's being explored further and likely to an audience who might never have gone back and played the originals. And no, I'm not talking about 14-year-old "fantards" as you call them, I'm talking about people looking forward to another solid first-person adventure next year alongside other equally compelling games like Dishonored, BioShock Infinite and Prey 2, among others.

At least wait until you have more information before immediately shutting the gate to an IP you purport to covet so much.

vortis2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Did you see the 11 minute trailer, dude? What universe are living in where you didn't see Brink + Deus Ex? No,'ll have to explain to me what WASN'T Brink + Deus Ex because that's all I seen.

Was AVP, Bodycount, Operation Flashpoint, Hard Reset, Duke Nukem Forever, Resistance 3, KillZone 3, the upcoming Battlefield 3 and Modern Warefare 3 not enough to satisfy you shooter fans, really?

Next year is loaded with even more forgettable shooters, that's what so many sheep don't understand. It's one rail-corridor shooter after another. For as far as I can see that's what Syndicate is just with the Syndicate title attached to it.

You probably also think XCOM is a real tribute to the classic series, too, eh? Ugh. This generation of gamers really has gone down the drain.

There's nothing about this new Syndicate that we haven't already played, which is why I've already knocked it off my "to buy" list. If they showed us an entire level and it was as linear as it was what makes you think the rest of the game will magically be something else?

Go back and watch early beta footage of other games like BioShock or Halo and you'll know what I mean.
In fact, five minutes of BioShock footage automatically let you know that it wasn't like every other shooter out there. It separated itself not only with its mechanics but with its art-style and story appeal.

Also, please direct me to a game that features 10 minutes or more of gameplay that doesn't represent the entire game? Especially ANY game from this generation. You can't because such a thing doesn't exist.

EDIT: And just to further cement my point, you could watch a 10 minute trailer of Omikron and it wouldn't even scratch the surface of how much gameplay that game had. There is NO game this gen that even comes close that.