Rumor : Duke Nukem Showing up in 2008

An insider reveals that significant progress has been made on the PC code of the game and development has finally picked up its pace over the year. The game's look is supposed to be completely over the edge with tons of stuff returning from the original series (Shrink ray and Nuke button rumored to be confirmed).

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Neurotoxin4038d ago

I still play Duke Nukem 3d, Its a great game...

....This one will probably be toilet though.

Evil0Angel4038d ago

i have not played any Duke Nukem game.was it too good to be missed ?

lynx1halo4038d ago

I still enjoy listening to that Duke Nukem Ventrilo PRANK....LOL NOW THATS TRUE COMEDY

v1c1ous4038d ago

will finally have meaning?

that hobo who i pre-ordered from was right!

i didn't believe him when he told me the world would end in 2001, but i'm sure he was right about Dude Nukem coming out in '08

sfinXters4038d ago

Oh, glorious Duke, please, get over here and give us some.

va_bank4038d ago

I like the "rumored to be confirmed" part.

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The story is too old to be commented.