Forza 4 title update improves track visuals, smacks down early exploits

XMNR: Turn 10 Studios released the first title update to Forza Motorsport 4 on Thursday after the Xbox 360 exclusive racing sim was released just two days early in North America.

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marioPSUC2614d ago

Glad they are already trying to get rid of exploits, try to make the game fair for everyone

candystop2614d ago

The best looking racer this generation just got better looking. Great job Turn 10!

mcstorm2614d ago

I cant wait to get home and play this game tonight going to be a long night for me I think.

SKUD2614d ago ShowReplies(2)
illtownNJONE2614d ago

I never thought visuals in a game can look this good, level of detail is mind blowing

doublebass22614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Ναι ρε!!Προβλημα!!Τραβας κανα ζορι?
you think that talking in your language somehow makes you badass?neither your icon suggests that,nor your good for nothing hilarious comment about Forza 4 being casual only since its better with kinect.
If you dont have it(which you probably dont)dont buy it.or use it.But dont mock it because you cant afford it.The game can be played without it.It just gets better,though various ways,aside from head tracking,like voice navigation to menus and stuff.

On topic,its wonderfull that turn 10 pays attention to what is wrong,or even tries to fix and polish things up a bit even more!I d wish it was the case with all dlc's,they should be cheaper,or free,and probably more substancial.Damn you Oblivion!!You started it all!!

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