OnLive: The Future Of Gaming Or An Accident Waiting To Happen?

Tom, GamerEuphoria writes "Lately, due to a saga involving a crippling isolation and connectivity issues, I’ve been relatively cut off from the world. Then, recently, some-one brought the idea of Cloud Gaming to my attention. Like most people with two ears screwed to the side of my head, I’ve heard of The Cloud; but to my knowledge it was nothing but an over-hyped data storage system. Streaming a pre-rendered game through your internet connection in real-time? Years away. Or so I thought. Given this beautiful concoction of ignorance, doubt and hopeless wonder that it could be true, I seemed like the ideal person to put it to the test...."

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Hufandpuf2564d ago

Onlive is the future. No need to buy parts, or maintain discs. Prices are reasonable and all the games are in one place. It seems like a dream come true to me. I just really hope it succeeds here in America.

smoothdude2564d ago

Onlive is interesting. I buy the $5 games on Fridays, but after buying the games, I firmly believe that Onlive has an uphill battle.

First off, there is major lag. Try one of the game demos yourself and see. I don't see how they would be able to fine tune the lag any with everything streaming on Cloud Computers.

Second, the games are never updated. Batman Arkham Asylum is still version 1.0, and Unreal III is missing the titan pack. This is a huge complaint from the fans, and really sucks not having control of this.

Third, if your network falls below a certain quality, you get booted from the game. It isn't like it pauses the game and waits for you to log back in. No, you lose everything.

Fourth, the graphics are not top notch like they claim. I have a couple of games which I have also purchased via steam, and the graphics seem to be on medium settings. This is a bummer as Onlive Claims it can pull off maximum graphics.

I don't believe this will ever replace dedicated consoles unless they convince developers to come on board. Onlive struggles from a lack luster games library.

Hufandpuf2564d ago

I get what your saying, but nobody creates the future in one try. Onlive has some serious potential but u fortunately the tech they are working with isnt up to par just yet. When it's released in the states I won't pick it up, I'll be still using my console. But I give it the be edit of the doubt that when consoles or the price to game go too far up, Onlive will have the head start on giving us gaming experiences through cloud gaming.

GamerEuphoria2561d ago

Whilst doing some research for this review, I used Onlive across a wireless connection which rates at about 3.5mb/s to 4mb/s. Which is below OnLive's recommended specs. The test game, Deus Ex, ran perfectly for me. No Lag. No judders. I do agree that the graphics aren't quite up to scratch compared to consoles, but it's still an achievement. Like I said in the article, I'd actually be willing to put up with these sorts of issues in the name of progress. Half the fun of developing new games and platforms is being astounded at what technology can actually achieve nowadays. For me, anyway.