Dark Souls Tips For Survival

Dark Souls has been noted for being a very hard unforgiving game. There are several things that can be done to manage your time within the Dark Souls world to upgrade quickly and build you character effectively. Here are some tips that you can follow to make it though Dark Souls.

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HacSawJimThugin3262d ago

The Depths is a really good farming spot for Humanity and souls provided that you have a somewhat strong resistance to curses. I played around in there for a day or and left with about 30 pieces of Humanity and over 30 thousand souls.

Blighttown is a very unforgiving place and you will need a ton of moss to stop the toxins and poisons.

This article is dead on and even if you follow the tips to the letter you will still die...a lot. Lol!!!

smithdown3262d ago

Best place to farm moss is in Deeproot Garden - the section after the Titanite Demon and before the butterfly. Good place to farm souls too - statue soldiers are 300 souls each and easy to take down if you get behind them when they stand up.

Noami3262d ago

forget everything u learned from every other game cept demon souls
1. don't go all charging into a monster
2. block(use ur shield) this is not a fighting game u cant evade much by jumping in the air
3.walk slowly look your surroundings
4. remember to lvl up ur char and reinforce your armor ppl sometimes forget its and rpg cause the way they made it
5.have some one beside u to blame them for your death to make u feel better cause even if u do all of the step u will die.

DaTruth3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Actually I have a build that avoids leveling up! I have two endurance increasing rings and can wear the Stone giant armour with a mix of Elite Knight at level 35.

I had two black phantoms in my world at the same time and neither of them could test; my defense is just too high for my multiplayer range!

DirtyLary3262d ago

What are the names of the rings? Thanks.

LadyGaga3262d ago

Havel's Ring and Ring of Favor and Protecton.

smithdown3262d ago

Blocking is ok, but better is avoiding damage entirely by rolling and evading.
Every other point you make is spot on though.

Imalwaysright3262d ago

Meh!! Want a real tip? Shoot the drakes tail below the bridge with a bow multiple times and youll get an awesome weapon early in the game.

DaTruth3262d ago

Wish I knew this before! I shot one arrow at his head from the top of the lookout tower. He flew away, made a loud noise and I got 10000 souls.

But I would have much rather had the tail reward!