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When you combine the hype and anticipation for the game itself with that of the new graphics engine and add in the pedigree of the developer, you get the potential for a product to fall a lot harder than its fellow releases. RAGE's elements are all decent, and many of them are good. However, that just isn't enough. When you've been working on a game for the better part of the decade and teasing your fans for at least half of that, then you'd better be creating either a product of ultimate fan service or a radically new game that turns heads and the industry on its side. RAGE accomplishes neither.

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caseh2564d ago

Oh looks like GT5 has just been released from "The Biggest Disappointment of this Generation" slogan.

Seriously, how do you give a game a 7.9 then call it the biggest disappointment this generation, I mean seriously...what were they expecting? The FPS genre to be completely revolutionised, the heavens to open up and angels weeping tears of joy over their console of choice. Pffft!

jriquelme_paraguay2564d ago

from the hyp and all the Carmack bs... i spected a Solid 10....

but for me, my biggest disappointment was BRINK...
another uber hyped piece of crap...

i spected soooooooooo much from that game and i got nothing

Deputydon2564d ago

Interestingly enough, the Brink devs also created a Quake game. Quake Wars: Enemy Territory. It also was a complete piece of crap.

evrfighter2564d ago

now that is interesting.

It was Quake Wars ET that led Id to believe that piracy was killing pc gaming. Who seriously would buy a crappy title like that.

Keith Olbermann2564d ago

GT5 is an amazing game. PD is still making DLC for it and its still selling. On to Rage. Rage is an excellent game. I think people should stop being so damn dramatic. Dont click on sites that use this crap logic to get hits...please.

caseh2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

That wasn't a dig, I actually enjoyed GT5. But it got the same treatment and ended up getting a few 8s with the general comment being 'Expected more, am dissapointed' I was just stating that reviewers pull out the 'ZOMG THE DISSAPOINTMENT IS OVERWHELMING' and it just makes me wonder, what were they expecting exactly?

TBM2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Reviewers are full of sh*t all they try to do is sway people from getting a game(s) they are interested in, and try to get us to get game(s) they they feel people should be playing.

If i listened to these windbags i'd have missed out on so many games that i thought were great to me that they bashed, and only playing what they and the masses say we should play.

My brother said rage is pretty good, and i myself plan on getting the game late Nov or Dec. As for GT5 the reviewers and the haters can kiss my you know what the game is awesome, and the update made it even better. I just finished three 4hr nurburg enduro, and with the new bonus feature of 200% max i scored over 5.4 million exp to jump from lvl 36 to almost halfway through lvl 37.

CrawFail2564d ago

The writer obviously never played Duke Nukem Forever.

Deputydon2564d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone knew Duke Nukem was going to be hilariously bad. There seems to be a cutoff point on just how long a game can take before it passes the bar.

Look at Too Human, that ended up being a joke of a game. Duke Nukem took ten years, and was restarted multiple times. If anyone truly still expected it to be good, well, I feel bad for you.

sickbird2564d ago

I wouldn't call it the biggest disappontment but it's not as good as I hoped it would be. I'd say Socom 4 is the biggest disappointment, for me atleast.

hesido2564d ago

I understand when gamers are outraged at 8/10 review scores, when you call a game biggest disappointment and than give it 7.9 . Reviewer may be disappointed but calling it "biggest" with this score is a bit too much. (He could have given it 6, maybe)

plmkoh2564d ago

Well not really because the reviewer still enjoyed the game, it's just the game left him wanting more especially after absorbing all these years of hype. Giving the game a 6 would imply that it was just playable at most, which Rage certainly is not.

hesido2563d ago

I know the game doesn't deserve a 6, but the reviewer wouldn't call this the "biggest dissappointment" if he thought the game deserved a 9, for example. Just because of that 1.1 points, the game becomes the "biggest dissappointment", not just any disappointment :) So it is kind of an overstatement in a sensational way.

Pintheshadows2564d ago

If you don't listen to hype then you don't get let down.

In fact should hype be taken into account when you are supposed to be writing a subjective review. I think not.

M337ING2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Reviews simply cannot be subjective if they evaluate the amount of fun a player can have. If you want a list of product features, go on the game's website.

The writer also infers that this product is fun but backwards in many ways. That alone makes it a disappointment.

M337ING2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I misread that so please disregard my previous post. How can a review be subjective if it doesn't take a reviewer's feelings about the game into account beforehand? Many players who were looking forward to the game would have similar expectations, and their disappointment would impact the amount of fun they have and the value they're getting out of the product. The score is there to evaluate as objectively as possible the quality of the game and does not necessarily correspond to how a reviewer felt about it or anticipated it, which is exactly what too many other reviewers have been doing.

Pintheshadows2564d ago

I can't agree with either of your comments. A review should carry with it NO preconceived notions about how the game will be. I have no issues with a gamer being dissapointed with any game, but a reviewer must look to come into the article with a clean slate and only analyse what they have in front of them. In fact gaming is one of the only places this practice seems to be the norm in reviews. How can you fairly review a product, be it film, car, game or washing machine if you have preconceived notions about what it is going to be or how it will perform.

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