500m Basejump in Battlefield 3 Map

The battlefield series has always had an interesting way of starting off competitive game modes, such as parachuting from a great distance in Port Valdez in Bad Company 2. It seems that DICE have gone one step further in Battlefield 3.

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SockMaster2560d ago

That will be very cool, i like it when devs put little things like this in games, makes the game more memorable.

ATi_Elite2560d ago

Looks awesome!

Oh by the way I'll be the guy way down there....(see me behind the bush) sniping you as your parachute opens.

So when your dead lifeless body hits the can do that amazing jump all over again! lol

egidem2559d ago

Would love to see this in action :D

hiredhelp2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

i know right 500m decent. Bring spare pare pants
Oh" and a extra shoot if the one you have fails.

Gamer-Z2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Base jumping to start off an MP game! 0_0

COD is dead to me now...

Undeadwolfy2560d ago

BC2 had this as well in the Port Valdez map I believe the name is. The snowy map with the Hind.

egidem2559d ago

Agreed - you parachute down on the map. Some would parachute directly on top of tanks. Recons would parachute on the far right side of the mountain so that they can snipe away.

I enjoyed seeing noobs parachuting down while spamming the jump button - accidentally detaching the parachute ending in an epic fail death. :-)

narutogameking2560d ago

You been trollin' COD for years. It was never "alive" for you.

Anyway this seems like something Naughty Dog would do for Uncharted 3! Does this 500m jump happen just at the beginning of the match or every time you respawn?

WhiteLightning2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Oh shut the hell up about people's all you do most of the time.

Look how many bubbles you

Why don't you start taking your own advice and quit trolling on here first before you point that out to other people.

Honestyl trolls calling other people trolls for having an opinion or even noticing something.

KaBaW2559d ago

lol,and you're calling people out WhiteLightning ?

TheOtherTheoG2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Anyway, to answer your question, essentially one team in Conquest/the attackers in Rush spawn at a base on the top of the cliff, where there are helis and maybe jets in Conquest, we don't know, but the bases/MCom stations are at the bottom of the cliff, therefore you have to either take a lift in an aircraft or base-jump to reach them, which is awesome.

If your squad leader is at the bottom of the cliff, or after you've captured the first base in Rush, you spawn at the bottom of the cliff, you only need to base jump if you spawn at the base.

ambientFLIER2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )


Ugh...I guess you better leave BF3 and play Section 8, since you spawn by shooting towards the earth from a spaceship or wherever...

Js2Kings2559d ago

Not exactly the same, this is more of a run a jump, plus a few jets flying in, and there's more to starting then just jumping (other maps I mean).

one2thr2560d ago

Sweet!...... I wonder will it be possible to ride a buggy or what not off the edge and during mid-flight, jump out of it while its barring towards an enemy(s) but at the same time putting suppression fire on them during the fall...... This game has Epic wriiten everywhere!!!

ShoryukenII2560d ago

If there is a buggy on top then it is possible. You may not get the kill though.

Js2Kings2559d ago

Not if you some C4 on it first :D

pody2559d ago

That sounds awesome! Lets hope so one2thr. :D

-Alpha2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

That's insane. These look 10x better than the horrible Operation Metro map.

The whole base on the cliff looks awesome as hell, looks like u can even take a chopper from the base and descent down. Wow!

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The story is too old to be commented.