Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi goes gold, gets release date

GameDynamo - "Earlier today, Namco Bandai Games America announced that the title has just been approved for production on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s slated to release onto both by October 25 in North America and on October 28 in PAL territories."

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BitbyDeath2655d ago

Still on the fence about this, hopefully a demo will release to persuade otherwise.

GunofthePatriots2655d ago

it looks ok but im completely turned off by the amount of interactive cinematic moments. it occurs every 5 seconds.

SeraphimBlade2655d ago

I've enjoyed DBZ games in the past, especially Tenkaichi. Think this is going on my Gamefly.

erivera19942655d ago

too bad im broke, i already pre ordered Arkham city, battlefield 3, modern warfare 3 and uncharted 3. Might get this DBZ game for Xmas but that character roster is pretty sad. i expected way more... hopefully it will have Character DLC

zomp2655d ago

Ya know im onthe fence too, but dbz games just keep getting better. theyre essentially. Interactive. Manga now. Sorry about the periods andspacing... phonekeyboards suk