Crysis 2 PC DX11 - Ultra Settings with MaLDo's HD Texture Mod 3.0

DSOGaming writes: "As you may already know, MaLDo has finally released the latest version of his amazing Texture Mod and YouTube user ‘BlackZero1891′ uploaded a video to showcase its new features. Crysis 2 modded looks phenomenal and it’s exactly what Crytek should offer in the first place. Kudos to MaLDo for providing such a pack that enhances our gaming experience. Enjoy!"

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pucpop2656d ago

I installed this yesterday. I honestly couldn't notice a difference, there are a few bugs in it too so I uninstalled it.

meetajhu2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Either your blind or your using a ancient CRT monitor

chanmasta2656d ago

Agreed with meetajhu.
However, it's "you're" not "your"...

ElDorado2656d ago

Crysis 2 and the original are very close if you compare the graphics, at first I thought the original looked far better. Crysis is @ jungle and in Crysis 2 there is different environments, buildings which obviously aren't as beautiful as the jungle environment.

xtreampro2656d ago

The Crysis 2 jungle mod looks better than Crysis 1's jungle. Crysis 1 looks good because the leaves look too glossy and big. Crysis 2 has a mixture of both which is much more realistic and lighting is much better as well.

ElDorado2656d ago

Could you show me some vids?

dirthurts2656d ago

Wow, ok. Those are some freaking nice textures.
Any performance hit on 1gb cards?

ProjectVulcan2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Not seeing a lot of performance hit at all on a GTX570. The textures are noticeably better, lots more Crysis 1024 x 1024 res textures instead of the boggy console 512 x 512 ones. Even before this mod though the game maxed will eat up over 1200mb of video memory.

Whereas before heaps of rubble looked awful, now they look more like...rubble

john22656d ago

As vulcan said, no noticeable performance hit. MaLDo has also optimized some scenes with better tessellation effects that run smoother than before

Mrmagnumman3572656d ago

looks pretty awesome, hopefully it will give the pc im building a workout