Crysis - PS3 vs 360 vs PC Graphic Comparison

IGN: Crysis was long heralded as the game your rig needed to run to be considered “1337.” So now that it’s on consoles, how does it hold up?

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Agent-862561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Kind of tells me that we're ready for the next generation of consoles. Crysis is a 2007 game and the current consoles can barely play it (still looks better on a PC with low settings). BF3 is another one that is really showing the age of this console generation. I understand how a lot people want to hang on and stretch this generation out even longer; money is tight. However, the longer this goes on, the bigger these differences are going to become.

Either way would be good for PC gamers, though. If this generation drags out a whole lot longer, the differences between versions may drive more people to the PC for their gaming needs and PC game development would get some more love. On the other hand, if the new generation gets started soon (hopefully 2012), then console games will be on par with the PC again and no longer holding back PC game development (with lots of developers still making crappy ports instead of taking advantage of the superior hardware). PC gamers are in kind of a "holding pattern" until the next generation gets kicked off.

PCRockStar2561d ago

Was the PS3 version even shown?

Agent-862561d ago

Only a couple of times at the beginning. Then, it became a 360 vs PC show.

Wizziokid2560d ago

It's IGN, they always, always favor the 360

Kleptic2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Agent 86...gtfo with 'PC still looks better on low settings'...Crysis on low settings barely looks better than the original Far Cry...

Look at that...Shadows aren't even rendered...AT ALL...

The truth is the consoles got a MORE than acceptable port of the fabled Crysis, which everyone screamed couldn't be done on doesn't touch a PC on max settings, but thats just about has all the level geometry, all the physics, and everything else...and the lighting system has been tweaked to do the glare and lens flare that would cripple even high end PC's back then...and is reserved for 'ultra-high' settings on PC in the first place...other than resolution, the console port is easily better than 'high' lighting wise, and on par with high texture wise...

and the game is still average anyway...AI is ridiculous, objective system that makes it play more like a corridor shooter than anything open world, etc...some of the worst dialogue of any game this generation as well...after you hear 'reloading' in some horrendously bad fake Korean accent 300x in an'll be even more excited for UC3 and its immensely better story telling...

ProjectVulcan2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

The settings are medium at best, i have had a lot of experience with Crysis on PC. They are mixed up between low and high but overall they aren't beating medium.

It is clear that the consoles are cut well back, geometry, noticeably textures and shadow precision etc. Ignore anyone saying it is close to 'high' on Pc because it isn't...

You would get better visuals on medium across the board, which a 9600GT and a Core 2 duo would have no trouble whatsoever doing in 720P. Medium on PC still includes a bunch of high res textures of which there are none present on the console version.

This is still a good game though and worth playing especially on the cheap, first choice is easily PC, but the consoles do a half decent job of putting the game across.

FanboyPunisher2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Ugly game they raped it to put on the consoles; it doesnt even feel like the same game anymore, and more ugly when your playing half ass 720P hd or lower.


Would rather 1920x1080 + 4xAA to make it look drastically more crisp, not like i'm playing on a 15" CRT tv with interlaced looking image = console version.

Oh well, not everyone has money to enjoy the fully realized version of crysis. So i guess the consoles make a good 'Kids Meal' alternative for people on a budget.

My buddy from Poland is like that ^^^.

EeJLP-2560d ago

They should have released Crysis PS3/360 on disk.

Kleptic2560d ago

A lot of people keep talking...and not showing evidence of anything supporting their opinion...

the consoles are 'as good as medium'...o rly?...

still no shadows...still no real time reflections in water...and still shit poor textures...and look at the freaking sky think the console versions have that?...there is absolutely zero light sourcing or global illumination system on medium...which is 85% of what makes Crysis look nearly photo-realistic...

the biggest difference between high and ultra for PC is light filtering through foliage...high makes it just a big shadow 'in the forest'...and ultra has every little leaf visible in the shadows...the consoles are somewhere in between that...that, aside from noticeably worse texturing in areas, is the only difference i've come across...

and what the hell are you guys talking about 'doesn't have the same geometry'?...i've played the entire game on PC...and entire game on PS3...the layout is identical...the draw distance for certain backgrounds is a little more blurred than ultra on a PC...but its not like the consoles are missing parts of the environment...its 100% the exact same game...The particle effects and explosions have been changed, but are not really better or worse...just different...

no idea why i'm arguing this, as I know exactly how PC elitists respond...but whatever, just in case anyone else reads blatantly false information...the video comparison of this article, and the 2 i put up easily prove just how acceptable the console versions look...

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Wizziokid2560d ago

give it a couple more years then we will be ready for next gen, this gen is nearing it's end though.

besides PC will always be head of consoles, it won't change unless they make it so you can upgrade a console, which, will never happen and it defeats the purpose. for those who can afford the highest spec PC's to run the best looking games, good for them but consoles are there for those who can't and can still play great looking titles, Uncharted 3 as an example.

anyway if square enix's new engine is anything to go by, I'm super excited for next gen

gamingdroid2560d ago

It's kind of sad, because I think prices on consoles are artificially high these days.

The industry is most definitely ready for the next generation!

ReflexGamer2560d ago

I agree, I own both consoles, but am really considering getting a pc. I can imagine playing battlefield 3 maxed out, it would be so awesome. I just dont know where to start as far as pc gaming,bim on a budget, but I would like to have a decent rig

Mrmagnumman3572560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

i can tell you how to build a gaming pc for 470$ that will max out any game.

kevnb2560d ago

if your a noob, get an nvidia card no matter what anybody says. AMDs drivers cause random games to have issues.

juggulator2560d ago

Thanks for posting that comment AFTER i buy an HD 6770. I keep wondering why Crysis2 randomly drops to 1fps. Plus I can't fix it because the only settings it gives me are high, very high and ultra. Haven't had any problems with Dirt3 or any other games.

cooperdnizzle2560d ago

Mrmagnumman357. You are tripping, i spent 2x times that on a gtx590, alone, and still can't run every game on its max setting with out any problems.

@Gamingdroid, if ya want a comp that can run BF3 at at 1080P 4x AA, 8X AF, at about 30 fps which isn't bad, i think you would be looking at the price range of about 800$ to 1000$. If ya wanted max setting you could achieve it with spending 1000-1400$. Get a descent processor, and buy two gtx570, and run them in cross firer. Doing that i think you would have the game damn near max setting with good frame rates. 30 to 45. If ya want 60 fps, go with the gtx590, and a high end processor. Could be looking at about 1600$. But even buying the 800$ pc, you will be able to make the game look way better than what you could do on a console..

_Aarix_2560d ago


Pjuice2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

@ reflexgamer im me ill help you out.

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kevnb2560d ago

the consoles were barely out, I think its time we just ditch consoles. Cheap laptops and tablets are quickly catching up, just make the games work on the devices we already have please.

Cenobia2560d ago

"just make the games work on the devices we already have please."

I'm fairly sure that is the entire point of consoles.

PC's will always look better, but I can put my PS3 disc in my PS3 and it will always look the way it is supposed to.

I would get a gaming PC, but I'd rather spend the money on a PS3/PS4 for Sony's exclusives (especially Team Ico).

kevnb2560d ago

Who buys consoles not just to play games?

egidem2560d ago

Damn IGN, either show a full PS3vsXbox360vsPC or just change the title to Xbox360vsPC.

FragGen2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I have Crysis on the PC and the PS3. I could play Crysis on my PCs 24" monitor in my clunky office chair with my headphones on high settings or I could kick back and play Crysis on my PS3 or 360 on our big leather couch with a wireless controller and 70" HD home theater setup using whatever settings the console version is, which I would guess are less then high, maybe around medium or slightly higher but let's just call the setting "just fine" for sake of discussion...

Guess which one I enjoy more?

Modern consoles are still pretty darn awesome, IMHO. I rarely notice this kind of stuff at all unless they are literally side by side. I don't think the hardware is limiting game design too terribly right now. A couple of years and I'll be ready to upgrade.

cooperdnizzle2560d ago

I play all of my pc games on my 60 inch sony 3D tv. On my couch with a controller most of the time. With my 7.1 surround sound. So i don't know why people still say this type of stuff. I still love my ps3 more the my pc because sony makes the best games ever. My 360 just sits there. lol

FragGen2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

@cooperdnizzle: That's cool, but my highest spec PC is not a dedicated gaming machine. I use my PC as a computer, so connecting it to my TV's HDMI port and setting it up for wireless gaming etc makes zero sense. Since I do stuff like record music and manage my finances on it at my desk more often than gaming, anyway, setting it up is not worth the time or effort. And to be honest when I do play on the PC, I want to be at a desk with my mouse and keyboard at hand a wireless controller never really cuts it with the PC, IMHO. Like I said, I do own and use both like many here.

But I think many games on the modern consoles cross the "good enough" point graphically that I don't really think about it at all. I can move between the PC version and PS3 version of a game and pretty much never worry about the graphical differences in unless there is a bug in one specific version.

So, I really think for all but the most anal retentive people the difference between Crysis @ high detail versus whatever it is on the consoles is hardly worth the effort or expense of setting up a dedicated gaming PC in the living room.

If it is to you that's cool. No one thought or claimed the PC couldn't be used that way, most people just don't bother with dropping $2K on a PC they are to JUST use in the living room, IMHO.

Especially when the console games look good enough. That's the point once they're close enough other things like cost, convenience, no need to upgrade or worry about drivers, etc comes into play. I used to futz around with the PC for gaming way more when the consoles truly didn't cut it. But now they do for me.

Jdub895O2560d ago

i disagree with the low settings. Cosole versions look better than that.

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BattleTorn2560d ago

I've played Crysis 1 on PC (4-years ago); and when I bought Crysis on XBL I thought it looked great.

This comparison shows how much farther ahead PCs actually are.

Wizziokid2560d ago

the game looks great on console, but I did have some FPS issues when driving on the PS3 version, not sure why

BattleTorn2560d ago

the driving (with smashed windsheild) was the one part I thought the console version look more advanced.

A-Glorious-Dawn2560d ago

Look great, too bad I already own this game on teh PC.

Max it out, but I never finished it. I lost my save (Thanks Steam!) maybe I get back on it.,..

pr0digyZA2560d ago

? did you add it as a non-steam game, because original crysis wasn't a steam game.

A-Glorious-Dawn2560d ago

I know, I only bought it when it came on steam as a deal.

Didn't have a PC capable of gaming back in 2007

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