Manhunt 2 in trouble again

Nearly a month after Manhunt 2 was passed with an M ("Mature") rating and released in the USA, a group of senators is now campaigning for the game's rating to be upgraded to the effective ban of an AO ("Adult Only").

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lynx1halo4076d ago

Dont these people , countries, etc realize that this whole rating changes..and banning...pulling from stores only creates more demand and sales for the game and effectively keeps its name in the headlines longer....JUST LOOK AT GTA...AND ITS SALES AFTER ITS CONTROVERSY

MK_Red4076d ago

They just want to ban the game (A console game with AO rating is nothing short of ban)... Have they6 ever heard of freedom and people's right? The game got an M rating which means it's not suitable for people under 18. Is it wrong for people above 18 to play them? I know that some minors and below 18s could get their hands on the game but if that's the problem then all other M rated games are the same so all of them should become AOs...

Also, in terms of violence, Soldier of Fortune: Payback is as violent if not more than Manhunt 2 yet no one talks about it. Why?
Because senators just want to focus on a controversial to get votes and attention. IF they really cared for youth, they should have done the same about other violent games from BioShock to Manhunt to Soldier of Fortune to Gears of War. All bloody violent but why senators only focus on Manhunt in presense of all those gory games? That should raise more than few eyebrows...

Loopy4076d ago

SoF:P has a lot of gory action, that much is true.
The difference is that Manhunt 2 shows a lot of inhumane action: torturing people, killing people in a very distasteful manner and actually getting points for it, sickening action.
It is a different kind of violence, a violence that is very difficult to watch (for normal people), even less take part of.

DeadlyFire4075d ago

Loopy both Saw and Hostel do that as well and they were rated NC-17 I believe. This game should be rated M(17+) and stay that way.

Games that rely on the ignorance of sex and extreme violence to try and sell copies.
Either way though it still should be allowed on the shelves as the movies that do the same crap is allowed on the shelves.

v1c1ous4076d ago

It is a tasteless game that brings nothing more than a bad image to the videogame industry.

i am all for freedom of expression. i am all for artistic freedom. i am all for supporting the right to govern our own ratings system.

but manhunt 2 does not strive to be artistic or meaningful. there is nothing essential about it. It doesn't enhance the views of those who love this hobby. it doesn't innovate the evolving storytelling of videogames, now comparable to most hollywood films. It's just gore porn.

i put manhunt 2 in the same pedestal as "The Guy Game". Games that rely on the ignorance of sex and extreme violence to try and sell copies.

Now you may say "but what about GTA or Yakuza". GTA does scratch the surface, but its non-sequential and more cartoony than anything. Yakuza puts a purpose for the violence.

Manhunt 2 did nothing more than add fuel to the political fire.

PS360WII4076d ago

all this bad press is going to do nothing but promote the game more. It does nothing to stop it. The only way you can get your victory is if you put the game in a black void and stop all talks what-so-ever of it. Otherwise you're just helping them sell more with each press article saying how awful it is.

MyNutsYourChin4076d ago

Very well said, I totally agree. Have a bubble.

sleepbox4076d ago

Go ahead and vote for Hilary all, so we can have a good communist gov't.

v1c1ous4076d ago

now this is going to turn into a political flamewar

N4M3L3554076d ago

She would probably devote gov't resources towards a gaming enforcement. Just like the current administration is going after p0rn, she'll try her hardest to restrict free speech and violent games. Remember, COLBERT '08!

The Real Joker4076d ago

+bubble Marxism at its best. I can't believe people want to vote for this socialist [email protected]

Tsalagi4076d ago

Don't you just love when it's election time?

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