Bethesda QA Tester Beats Skyrim In 2:16:10 In Speedrun Challenge

Bethblog: As tradition goes, when Bethesda Game Studios is close to wrapping up development on a title, we hold a speedrun competition through the main quest (with no cheats allowed). While the game will take many hours to complete for a first-time players, our developers have years of experience under their belts and know all the ins and outs for speeding through the game. The contest pits the best Bethesda Game Studios has to offer vs. the best of QA The person with the best time wins a trophy and gets a pie of their choice from Todd Howard.

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rezzah2559d ago

extremely short, I thought this game would be longer with a speed run.

aPerson2559d ago

Don't worry.

These guys have been playing the game for months, if not years. They purposely avoided all side-missions and probably know a few shorcuts through the game's main quest-line too.

Army_of_Darkness2559d ago

That goes to show how short and lame the main story is for an rpg?! Even on a speed run I don't think an rpg should end just below 3hrs?! Wtf?! Side quest extends the game play! Oh yay!! That makes up for it! -_-

lastdual2559d ago

It's an hour more than the Oblivion speed run, and that game could easily keep you busy for hundreds of hours.

I definitely wouldn't judge a TES game by how long an expert can speed run the main quest.

Ingram2559d ago

I personally don't expect a game to just "keep me busy", but I think 2:16 of bare bones in an RPG where most of the time you are running around some desert or forest indicates a lot.

Miths2559d ago

Wasn't it possible to complete Morrowind in something like ten minutes? Or was that only through a bug or exploit?

Anyway as both the article and other commenters have pointed out, for the average player it really doesn't matter much how long it takes for a tester who's been through every nook and cranny of the game countless times, to finish the main quest line. If there's one thing the Elderscrolls series is definitely not known for, it's being short on content :).

TooTall192559d ago

The original Fallout can be completed in 9 minutes.

Laxman2162559d ago

Haha, yeah, you can beat it in 5 minutes

Speed Runs are in no way indications of content. I mean, just look at this list:

And if someone wants to judge a games length by its speed run, its thier loss I say.

Tex1172559d ago

Cool website.

Final Fantasy VI for Super NES (4:48)

How is that possible!?

aPerson2559d ago

Confirmation that Skyrim will have a longer campaign than Modern Warfare 3.


GribbleGrunger2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

speed runs are no indication of size. they overlook sidequests, hidden item, weapons and armour. i've seen a speed run of Demon's Soul which took just over 48 minutes but that was by someone who knew what he was doing and missed nearly 80% of the game

rezzah2559d ago

I saw a speed run of I think it was Mario 3 that was completed in under 5 mins. You might still be bale to find it on youtube.

StarWolf2559d ago

you could speed run a girl in 5 seconds but id rather not

Forbidden_Darkness2559d ago

Exactly, you don't get to enjoy it that way.

Kran2559d ago

Was there a bug that allowed him to bypass 3/4ths of the game? ;P

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