Surprise Manniversary Update and Sale

TF2Blog: A couple days ago we mentioned a "major project" we were working on that we promised to keep you updated on in the weeks and months ahead. Well, here's an update: It's done! Suck it, Valve Time.

That's right, folks. The Steam Workshop is live! What is it? An improved submission hub for community-created content that makes it easy for you to upload entries, check on their status and get feedback from us at Valve. Also, the TF community will be able to look at, comment on, and rate all item submissions in a single place.

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Pandamobile2615d ago

Valve have dished out over $2,000,000 to TF2 content makers in a year. Holy crap.

Pikajew2615d ago

I was wondering why TF2 was updating.