Sony NPD September 2011 response

Gamertag Radio writes: "NPD’s September report saw double-digit growth for both PS3 software (52%) and hardware (20%), as increasing brand awareness continues to fuel interest with consumers. First-party software sales remained strong this month, with boosts from blockbuster titles like Resistance 3."

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M-Easy2615d ago

Ugh NPD time (fanboy time) again already. :(

Trophywhore2615d ago

Yup. Not even world wide sales either yet for some reason this is treated like it is.

mendicant2615d ago

Dude just stop it already. We know it's north American data because it's NPD! You and the 1,000 other trolls who'll post the exact same crap are so predictable.

Jonah_Reese2615d ago

NPD is never treated like it's world wide (it's called the NPD for Christ sakes). It's just reported world Wide because anyone from any country can come to N4G,G4, Destructoid, IGN etc. common sense.

Washington-Capitals2614d ago

If you find NDP or anything sales related so unattractive why do you come here and comment? You just add more heat to the story and thus increase the amount of views it gets.

Anon19742614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Worldwide sales are coming. End of the month we'll have the quarterly updates for everyone from the companies themselves.

It's always funny to me how when NPD rolls around people make it out to be the most important figures evarh, yet no one mentions that whatever the difference is between the PS3 and 360 in NA, the PS3 more than makes up for it in Japan. How badly did the PS3 outsell the 360 in Japan in September? 200k? No kidding each console performs well in it's home territory, but ww numbers are really the only figures we should be looking at. That or active units, but don't mention the research done on active units in households. That's sure to inflame a certain subset of fanboy.

Anyway, 20% gain for the PS3 year over year, but the 360 falls 10% and the Wii stays the same? Are we seeing a preview of the holiday season this year in NA?

gamingdroid2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Although I agree with you that worldwide numbers are important, I think more importantly you want strong numbers in concentrated regions.

The reason why the US/NA/UK gets most of the new features is because it is the most important region to MS, despite it's user base elsewhere.

From a sales perspective, it likely means your product will not be focused enough to take full advantage of the different markets.

... but yeah, the WW numbers will be interesting. MS beat Sony WW about half a million in the last two quarters combined, but with Sony's price cut I expect them to pull ahead due to impact the price cut will have due to the higher price of PS3 in some regions like Europe.

EVILDEAD3602614d ago

LMFAO @ Darkride coming out from under the 'dark' bridge and is back on his hypocritical trolling way.

Let's recap..

The 360 continually posted gains month after month and Darkride is nowhere to be found especially when Sony showed YOY losses in NPD.

Last quarter Sony posted a 191 million dollars loss and the quarterly numbers showed the 360 actually was sold more than worldwide total than the 360.

Darkride's response..bu-but Sony will dominate when they announce their upcoming price cut.

Fast forward aafter the pricecut and Sony has YOY gain and the 360 has a 10% YOY loss, Darkride is so excited he blogs about it in his troll site and spins it as negative as humanly possible.

Pure Comedy


Biggest2614d ago

The moral of your story is that the 360 was tops in NPD numbers and the PS3 was tops period? Looks like you're doing darkride66's job for him, EVILDEAD360.

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kikizoo2614d ago

another week where ps3 is leading worldwide (even on vgchartz, who undertracks sony) hardware, but alos software :
1 PS3 FIFA Soccer 12 577,096
2 PS3 Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 415,506
3 X360 Rage 405,369
4 X360 FIFA Soccer 12 372,065
5 X360 NBA 2K12 316,778
6 PS3 Dark Souls 265,059
7 PS3 NBA 2K12 256,612
8 PS3 Rage 243,949
9 PSP AKB1/48: Idol to Guam de Koish... 238,549
10 X360 Gears of War 3 213,200

Captain Tuttle2615d ago

"Increasing brand awareness"?


DEA Fresh2615d ago

Wondering the same thing. Playstation brand has been a staple in the video game industry for over a decade.

yesmynameissumo2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I think it has to do with MS's stranglehold on the mind share here in the States. Movies, commercials, TV's all over. Hell, before Qwikster got killed, there was even a 360 controller on the "Coming Soon" website. They just can't compete with the checkbook of MS.

gamingdroid2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Did it dawn on you that people will use the most popular item in general? Especially so people can relate to it?

The same thing happened when the Playstation dominated the market. The DualShock was synonymous with pad and you never saw an Xbox (the original) or GameCube controller anywhere in the media.

Now a days, it is either Wii or Xbox in the US.

Not everything is a check... MS is cash rich, but they ain't stupid because Netflix image shows a pad is hardly worth paying for!

Megaton2614d ago

yesmynameissumo is correct. The PlayStation brand takes a backseat to the Xbox brand in the U.S. these days. Microsoft could buy a small country with the money they've spent on PR in the hopes of achieving exactly that.

RememberThe3572615d ago

I'd call that press release fluff. You can call it bullshit.

Dart892615d ago

Oh boy here it comes.

*Cries for his mommy:P*.

ForROME2615d ago

Solid increase for SONY, good job

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