New Battlefield 3 Trailer Showcases Vehicles

Yet another Battlefield 3 trailer has been released, this time focusing on the vehicles of Battlefield.

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TheBeast2566d ago

The horrors of me flying a jet in beta...urgh...

malol2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

flying a jet is hard but you get around it at the end
driving a helicopter on the other hand is really hard :\

OcelotRigz2566d ago

Its much better that the jets & helicopters are hard to master opposed to anyone just hopping into one and dominate.

Ducky2566d ago

If you're trying to drive a helicopter then you're doing it wrong.

aceitman2566d ago

this is the ultimate shooter .to look so good and have on feet ,tanks ,trucks ,jeeps ,4 wheelers jets and helicopters on these huge maps all at once. dice good job.

Dart892566d ago

I really don't like using vehicles..maybe cuz im usually blowing them up >:).

Mister_V2566d ago

True that! I definitely gotta try these jets though. I did't get to try them on the PC beta :(

OcelotRigz2566d ago

Nice trailer.
That music though, you could put it to anything and make it awesome. Kinda reminds me of the Inception theme. Really gets you in the mood for the game.

Hazmat132566d ago

the pillers of BF3 the destruction one was not very destructive. lol i cant wait to drive a jet into a tree or a tank or heli and even a sniper and maybe just maybe a ATV or humvee.

megaworm252565d ago

no new info in this trailer