G4 Was Nearly Dismantled By Ryan Seacrest

Say what you will about cable television's G4, but there's always a worse option waiting in the wings. While G4's brand of programming and coverage doesn't always appeal to the sophisticated video game enthusiast, the channel does at least focus on video games. That nearly came to an end as Ryan Seacrest (of American Idol, among other things) tried to buy and rebrand the channel to focus on his own productions.

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M-Easy2563d ago

I stopped reading after "the channel does at least focus on video games." Yeah if video games are Cops, Cheaters, Campus PD and old terrible movies. And on the off chance they do focus on gaming their just slurping Cliffy B. or worshiping M$. I would say good riddance.

Megaton2563d ago

Ditto. I haven't watched X-Play since around 2008. Stopped watching AOTS shortly after Munn was hired.

ConstipatedGorilla2563d ago

Yeah, Munn is a complete doofus.

SilentNegotiator2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

The hosts are so awkward, and the writing and setup are terrible and unorganized.

Even Sessler has gotten less insightful these days; he gets so high on games' story and often lets it supersede gameplay itself. I remember his Mafia 2 review was like "MEh, the combat gets sort of boring, there's nothing to do in the world, the graphics are sort of iffy....but ZOMG dat story! And it's so immersive! 4/5"

WhiteLightning2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Why the hell do we not get this channel or even Spike TV in the UK

It would be much better when trying to watch the VGA's for example rather then showing it 4-5 days later when gamers will already know who has won.

The amount of crap channels on Sky....

benpicko2563d ago

Having moved from England to Canada, I have to stop you there. Sky has way better shows than most of the shit here.

WhiteLightning2563d ago

I said Channels....the pointless channels....not shows

lizard812882562d ago

Spike tv has gone downhill too. I noticed every time i look through my tv guide, all they show is 1000 ways to die. thats it. I don't even know if spike shows anything more than that one show.

TBH, maybe G4 & Spike tv should merge. Both pretty much show the same shows, cops, cheaters, ect, and then we can add AotS & X-play, since that is all G4 really has.

ZombieAssassin2563d ago

Damn the dood has that much money to where he can buy out a channel, honestly I wouldn't care though G4 has gone down in quality in the last few years and I personally only watch it when they have wierd movies like Point Break or Gremlins on.

ZombieAssassin2563d ago

Ha yes that is exactly what I meant.

NovusTerminus2563d ago

I remember G4, the old one before Tech TV ruined it.

Portal, and Judgement Day were far better then anything they have right now.

RXL2563d ago people WANT Ryan Seacrest to buy g4?

*checks what dimension im in*

M-Easy2563d ago

Yes because G4 is terrible.

RXL2563d ago

THAT terrible tho?

you want to be watching American Idol and Keeping up with the Kardashians 24/7?

it can't be any worse than the programming on mtv..can it?

ZombieAssassin2563d ago

I don't think its so much people want it to happen....they just don't care.

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The story is too old to be commented.