The Sims 3: Pets Moves Into Your Playstation 3 Hard-Drive

TGH: "If you are a Sims fan and are looking forward to The Sims 3: Pets on consoles be prepared to take a chunk out of your Playstation 3 hard drive when it releases next week."

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Starfox8112562d ago

over 5gigs for the sims is just plain crazy. its gotta be the best damn pet related game the worlds ever seen

blumatt2562d ago

lol Yeah, I know. There had better be some dinosaurs, dragons, and every other fantasy character as pets. lol

Trophywhore2562d ago

Pets? I cant fap to that.

Ill stick to regualr sims and make the girls kiss each other. Dont need to add any animals to that equation.